I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, August 14, 2015

Garden Peeping and the Plastic Goose Family has Big News!

Hi everyone! Another weekend is upon us. Why don't the weeks fly by like this in, say, April? Mo and I have shortened our walks due to the hot weather but we still enjoy our garden walks each day. Put on your sun hat, come with us! It'll be fun.

I'll tell you the Gooses' exciting news first in case you're bored by garden walks [but not, of course, by the lives of Lawn Geese, lol.] Nope they don't have new clothes, too bad.
They have a BABY!

Isn't that sweet. I try to imagine what she represents: The owners are the graduate and baseball player, and they have a new human baby? Or, more likely, a new grandchild? Or it's simply a misguided gift from the lawn goose catalog. We'll never know, I guess.

After we see the geese we walk by the koi pond. Sadly, for me, the koi are now hidden by the water plants which have massively proliferated.

I suppose it's cool and shady and delicious under the hyacinths, but only rarely do I catch a glimpse of a koi.

The secret beach alley is always so quiet and pretty.

Other places we enjoy...

Hydrangeas---too sunny and dry this years for a great crop, and no blues. These are old fashioned cone shaped hydrangeas.

These are lace caps, last summer they were deepest inky blue.

My friend who wanted a tropical garden is having great success. He is so proud.

He weeded out some of the earlier small colorful bedding plants I put in, like mini petunias and earlier, daffodils.

Their herb planter.

He left the sunflowers we planted. Hugely tall, 12 feet!? ''Dinner plate'' sunflowers, also known as Russian Giants.

My own sunflower, a transplant from thinning the seeded plants in June.

 Bumblebee bum---in my striped mini petunias. Good to see a bee of any sort, there's been very few. Though this year we do have an abundance of butterflies which is quite lovely. They add so much charm and movement to a garden, I think.

Evenings, when we take our longest walks, are coming earlier, the sunsets richly colored now with a hint, just a tiny hint---of pumpkins and October nights.

see the gazebo top, in a bit from the right?
And two tiny dots to the right of that, traffic lights far away?
Long ago, right in that exact spot,
we could see the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center,
glowing gold in the setting sun.

Have a great weekend. Savor each moment. Soon we'll be wearing our woolies and mittens and scarves. Too soon.


gone to the beach................