I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hot So Hot!

Hi! Oh, we need a good big storm , the summer doldrums have arrived and it's just too hot to do anything!

You know how it feels, right?

I set out the jug of sun tea early and oh it brews so fast! Today's flavor is peach black tea, yesterday was mango mint green tea. The secret is not to let it get too strong, you want light and refreshing these hot days.

Then I worked on my deck for awhile instead of making the long Sahara-like trek to the beach. I'll walk at sunset instead.

Isn't this lovely! My deck project...any mess from stripping the stalks can just be swept away.
It's a lavender-hydrangea potpourri I just made with the flowers from my friend's yard. They dried very well...and just look at this color! Maybe too pretty for sachets? I think I'll store it in a clear Mason jar instead and just admire the shades of blue.

The fabrics behind the bowl are vintage French floral cottons, recycled treasures. From France! Via etsy.

I loved the idea of the assorted squares, planned to use the vintage fabrics for my lavender hearts...but maybe they are too pretty to cut up?

This one, below, is maybe my favorite, I know it's not going to get chopped up anytime soon!

If you look closely you can see just the faintestet remainders of the original pink candy stripe ground.

And while this pattern is not at all my usual taste, below,  I love the birds, and the detailed but not-quite-recognizable botanic flower renderings. (Are these larkspur? Very vigorous upright  sweet peas? Or what?)

Maybe the blue shades could be a very simple "shabby chic'' beach cottage quilt?

Not too big, just to use for summer naps or picnics...or to snuggle under if our storm ever arrives and cools things off.

I have that wonderful thrifted pansy sheet for a backing but I'll either need more blue flowered fabric or a spacer fabric: I am thinking blue and white gingham perhaps?

Etsy has some good finds, always fun to search their Vintage section when it's too hot for the flea market.  This one's a very good buy and I like the assorted sizes. Five yards for $11.00! Or this classic tiny, palest blue check?

Here are a couple of my favorite French vintage shops: Minouc  and Ma Maison Francaise

The vintage gingham aprons that turn up in a search for ''blue gingham'' make me wish I'd been able to save the ones my mom collected and used. She didn't have many, and what she had she wore in the summer over her khaki shorts and tank tops...cooking corn and lobster up on the Cape.....
Something to look for at the fleas this fall! For now I am taking my Porch quilt sewing out to the pool and I'll cut and sew some French pink hearts later when it's cooler...

What are you up to on these hot Dog Days? Lemonade? Sun tea? And lots of ice!



gone to the beach....