I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Small Treasures from The Flea Market

Hi! The brief couple days of glorious weather sort of greyed off into chilly beach/spring again, so I decided to go to the big flea market today. I was glad I took my usual route through the seashore area, normally impassable if the weather is nice, what we call a "beach day"...only a few Canada geese were there on the road with me.

The market was busy! And a bit crazed and junky. Flea market lovers know that it will be hard to get to from now through September and like me many will stay away. So everyone had dollars in hand and dollar signs in their starry little eyes. Quite a frantic pace, actually....

As usual when I have gone to the ATM beforehand, there were no huge finds to be had, just some fun small things.
These are chandelier crystals.

They are huge, much grander than they seem on this big white platter.

Beautiful big white diamonds!

They will be icicle Christmas ornaments for my etsy shop in the fall.

The seller asked me if I was going to use the crystals for jewelry, and at the moment I said no, described my icicles I make. (They've been very popular!)

But now that I have the pieces at home I see that these four are very small and fine.

I love the amethyst! So---maybe? Fall pendants with glass bead and metal chains? Pretty sterling silver bails?  I think Yes!

And then I have keys!

 I usually do a very fast walk-thru at a market, as soon as I arrive, then go back and look in detail. But a table with a box of small keys caught my eye right away. These keys are tiny! Most less than 1"

And I saw the dollar tag and snapped them up.

 It took the dealer AND his wife a few moments to get me to realise the price meant per key! I was thinking per bunch, wow! And so then I sadly set them down...but  just beofre I walked away I thought to ask, 'Well what if I buy them ALL?' Ten bucks! Not three dollars but very nice.

I love this tiniest key, second from the left. It looks like a teeny tiny skate key or clock key. Could it be a watch key??? Cool!

I think the keys might look fun on charm bracelets or necklaces with just one heart: Keys to my Heart (for the girl who gets around?lol!)...

And of course tied with twine to linen or velvet or wool hearts, filled with lavender & cedar? for fall...

How about you? Any fun treasures this weekend?



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