I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Out and About ~ My Readers Check in!

Hi, friends! Since early March as our world closed down, blog friends have been sending me photos to share and cheer me--us all--up. Walking has become very popular and now many many bloggers include walks around the neighborhood in their weekly posts. I like to think it all started here, years ago, with our neighborhood garden peeping walks. So today we'll travel far in our rambles, let's enjoy the day and give thanks.
"My" van Gogh iris, early this year.

First, a Welcome from QB.

QB lives in NY state, as I do, but she couldn't live further away unless she hopped across the border to Ohio. NY is such a big state, who knew. My estimate is QB is about 450 miles west of the Beach. Here is her darling doggy. I think he is an Australian sheepdog.

And her woods and creek, with early daffs.

Closer, Julierose in Connecticut: her daffodils in bloom too.

From Lynda in Pennsylvania, her darling Corgi pups.

And her rescue horses, enjoying a loved and quietly cared for retirement. We've heard a lot about rescue dogs and cats, how wonderful to think of kind people rescuing other species too.

From Kelley, in Southern California, lots of fun views. Kel is a walker from way back and she enjoys her neighborhoods and the lush plantings  she sees.

This is a fun bridge she walks by. Easter...

and now Cinco de Mayo.

More 5th of May decorations, here.

And far far away, Penny in South Africa. My friendship with Penny has really opened my eyes to the beauties of her country, not all what I imagined SA being. Her area has a Mediterranean climate and often is very reminiscent of my parents' home on Cape Cod MA.
The view before lockdown:

This is her fairy tale looking woods. I just imagine gnomes and pixies living here in the mossy solitude.

Her gardens:

And she often sends me virtual bouquets, this one is pink rhododendron that apparently blooms in the fall in SA.

 "Maman Cochet" and David Austin pink roses, russet Holmshjoldia and heirloom milkglass hen egg-box.

Meanwhile, out and about in North Carolina, very kind friend Joyce saw my blog post about shortages here. She snapped up my two comfort items, Charmin and Triscuits, how kind is that. Big smile from me as I opened my box from Joyce. Funny how we now cherish the little things we once took for granted.

A box is also here from Kit in Montana, but I have to get my car back to get it. [big eyes! whatever can it beeee?]. edit: Oh YUM! More Triscuits, family sized even. And a darling card. I only like the ''original'' flavor and Rye, so I am all set. Lucky for me I have you guys for friends. So kind and a big smile.

Mo borrowed the Jeep to be driven with proper social distancing to his visit with friends. Mo has had an exciting out and about  while I recuperated from my clinic adventure [omg!, scary]. New fences to inspect---on this street the fences are white.

And the comfort of finding his favorite blanky and sofa section at his babysitters' new house.

Last, from Scotland, the blog of a writer / knitter / designer who I do not know, but whom I admire. A walk around Scottish suburbia with two of her staff. HERE

Perhaps things will open soon? I hope the openings are done thoughtfully and lives continue to be saved. I know there is criticism and backlash about stay at home orders, but it has happened and we have done our best to comply and save lives. I hope in hindsight these months will be applauded as an effort the entire world has been willing to make, and not denigrated or trashed by those with restless souls and even financial woes. May you all stay safe and well always.



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