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Thursday, October 31, 2019

Happy Halloween

****Happy Halloween! ****

Mo and I wish you a BEE-witching and spooky Eve!

Monday, October 28, 2019

Almost but not Quite Almost Amish Top

Hi! A quick post to show off my Almost Amish quilt top. This was a mystery sewalong with Lori of Humble Quilts. I   will add the link for her finale and linky party here at the end of this post, so you can see the many many versions of the deceptively simple little project.

I struggled with the black fabric, could not see it to sew. And though I tried so hard to make perfect, easy, effortless 1" squares----again, a struggle and a fail. They don't match, they are crooked, they buckle or strain?

Why my piecing is getting so much worse is a mystery. [Yes I got new glasses recently, did not help.]  The squares look good here at the start....

And even here, though you can see the fabric is fraying.

But then. Ugh. Horrors.

And I just could not use the sixth color, sight unseen---I stuck with the simple Amish black.

In the end I simplified the border. I almost discarded the project entirely, but kept reminding myself about another sewalong, I call it Peace and Plenty [Cascadia]. It also featured many 1" squares and is very badly pieced. And yet....once finished and quilted, it is a beloved favorite of mine.

And so...a simpler border and it is done.

I do like it from a distance. Maybe once quilted I'll even love it!

The colors work and the shapes do form. Magic! [Lori is a talented designer.]

I have no clue what the backing should be. Amish would be feedsack or muslin, hmmm. Maybe I have a feedsack? This morning I auditioned binding too.

The eliminated 6th color Green. Yikes!

A soft blue tinged violet?

The turquoise from the pieced blocks?

It will be quilted in black, simple cross hatching or may be allover cables. Not soon.


I neglected Year to work on A Amish. Here is the October block, just begun. The witch is printedf on the fabric of the moon. Kitty is black velvet.

I love it! And I'm glad this month's block is simple. This is closer to the real color, below.


Today, my friends' back steps. Wouldn't this make a beautiful color inspiration for a quilt!

Have a good week.



gone to the beach....

Click HERE to see all the participants' little quilts, each so unique and charming. 
[scroll to the end of Lori's post]

Sunday, October 27, 2019

October Home

Good evening on a beautiful October day here at the beach. The days are so short now, evenings long, dark, and even a bit chilly. The sudden invasion of Autumn has given me the incentive to warm up the cottage---visually if not literally. [No heat here til after New Years! That's my tradition, hahaha.]

Want to see how my Indigo and Cheddar/// Cobalt and Pumpkin style idea is working? Come walk through the rooms with me.

Have a good week.

PS Tomorrow I hope to post a brief thing about my Almost Amish sewalong quilt. Sorry to rush, it's for the linky group. 



            gone to the beach....

Next year I think I'll do all white and sepia with just pumpkin/ cheddar accent. I hope I remember.