I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Pink Pumpkins and an Amish Fail

Hello from the hot and sunny beach!

I know it's hot where you are too, but these temps are a bit of a shocker, hottest it's been all summer.

But October it is and so we must have pumpkins. Here are the early crop of glass pumpkins found at Home Goods in early September. They were, uh, hmm, yes----pink.

Other pale pastel choices.

A few traditional jacks.

Do you think the pearl encrusted Jacks are like a fancy version of the warty pumpkins we admire in horror each fall? Kind of sow's purse from a pig ear? [''silk purse from a sow's ear"]

Isn't this sign great! I wish I'd bought it.


Later/ next day: I couldn't finish writing my post because the Internet was out for awhile. Things have changed, we went from mid 90s to next day, today, low 50s. Good thing, a-  I have a drawer designated ''transition'' clothes and b-I never actually entirely put away the winter clothes bec I couldn't lift the bin.
It is a lovely rain day, too bad I had to go in torrential rain to the Jeep dealer , about a half hour each way, to retrieve my now recall-free Jeep. This should last for like, a week?, til a new recall appears. My current Jeep has had, I think 12 recalls, though most were fixed before I got it [new]. Seems this is now a common car thing, not just Jeep poor quality. But still.

Anyway earlier in the week Mo and I sewed on September, better late than never, though still incomplete.

Isn't it cute? I added the oak leaves and acorns .

And when we were at Michael's yesterday, I treated myself to more embroidery thread. Such an array of colors. It's supposed to be again warm and sunny after tonight so I hope to get this block done; the October block is darling, have looked forward to it all year.

I also caught up on Lori's sewalong, Almost Amish.

I finished parts two and three so far. Fine, they're square, they're exactly 2 1/2" each, they look cute in their box and so on.

I didn't like the maroon and pale pink together, so 70s tacky so I switched in a few shades of very pale lavender.

On to Step Four: Late last night I just had to set out a preview, a Four Patch Nine Patch.

But! Ugh, they're awful, how disappointing.

And everyone else's on FB look so great. Start over or persevere?

The baby poop brown is darker than the photos and artificial 3 AM lighting make it look  but---ick. (Don't try to make me feel better, I know they're awful.)

 And! Look how these expensive Bella solids fray, what a mess.


Mo liked the change in weather. But the rocky landscaping here, by a new bench I wanted us to try,  hurt his feet and he cried. [I lifted him over instead.] How mean to put sharp  rocks beneath a public bench!

On the way home from the Jeep service/ repair as I drove through the marshes and wetlands I saw many flocks of bids, including blackbirds and Canada geese (some migrate in big Vs; some winter over on the golf course.) And a small group of 3 blue herons, flying together, quite low, long legs distinctively trailing behind. Sorry, no pics because I was driving.

And as of yesterday, October 2, The oystercatchers have gone. I wish them a safe journey and a happy return in March.

This wonderful photo taken Monday October 1, as the flock assembled near my beach, is from a nearby FB group, who monitor the OCs.

Have a great weekend. I'll be at the beach!



gone to the beach.........