I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

[Good] Winter Blues

Hello! How's your snow day going?....I am snowbound again and happily looking around my peaceful blue and white living space...

Don't get me wrong! I love pumpkins in the fall, and all the glitz, glitter and bright reds of Christmas...but every January when I have tucked away the last precious holiday treasure, I restore my home to my favorite blue and white decor.

This is a new pillow. I bought the early-mid 19th century quilt scrap to make hearts...but how could I cut this up? Gorgeous.

My interior spaces are actually entirely white: white sofas, bleached wood floors, and pale oatmeal rugs....thus the easy switch to red and dill pickle green ( or rose & turq; silver & grey...) at the holidays. And I love the all-white look so popular in blogland...but the brilliant ocean light is very draining and all white just looks sad here.

(I'm saving up for linen slipcovers, lol!)
In the winter my accents tend to be cobalt blue with some hints of black and soft dark turquoise.

In summer, the black gives way to brilliant sky blue-turquoise and Caribbean aquamarine.....

The good part is, I never get bored...and I love the serenity of wintery colors. The bad part is---I can't find the rest of my blue and white transferware!!!!

On a fun note: my white etsy hearts:

were featured in this beautiful blog:  The Quilted Nest ....I was thrilled! Take a look, the other heart-shaped items are so pretty! Thank you, Joyce!

remember, you can always order a custom heart...or a dozen! Takes me about a week to make them....

So---do you change your spaces for the seasons? What do you do?...new throw pillows? a cozy afghan? candles in warm scents? a favorite wreath or flower?...



...gone to the beach