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Friday, September 10, 2010

Heirloom Harvest

Tomatoes seem to have been looooving our long hot summer.

My farmers market is filled with bins and crates of these beauties, including many rare heirloom varieties, all with a red, ripe sweetness and fragrance that is a late summertime joy.

A few years ago I played around with some simple Julia Child recipes, including a simple one crust tomato tart. When I got home this week with all these spectacular tomatoes I decided to use some in a tart like JC's. Of course I couldn't recall her recipe and anyway it had mustard or something, too---well, tart? [sorry]...

So I read up online, took some ideas, made a double crust of pate brisee. aka Pie Crust?

I roll the crust out right on the flat baking sheet, then pop the whole thing in the fridge while I slice the tomatoes and cheeses.

For this version I used: various tomatoes, 3/8" slices. Drain on paper towels for a few minutes. Shredded Jarlsburg; Assiago parm, coarsely hand-grated; and some Camembert on the top. Minced fresh garlic, finely sliced fresh basil, black pepper.

Layer the cheese and tomatoes. Turn the edges in and brush with beaten egg or milk.

Bake till crispy and golden, 35 min? at 425*.

Wonderful hot or  served the next day as a pre-dinner snack w/ crisp white wine.

It was so good I made another! Yellow summer squash and red onion, same cheeses. Yum!

These rustic tarts are also great for picnics...I plan to bring the leftovers to the Beach for Saturday lunch. Or evening snack....

PS You can use summer's delightful array of fruit and make a simple dessert tart in the same way. Slice the fruit or use berries, toss with a bit of lemon juice; Splenda or sugar to taste; a couple teaspoons of cornstarch; a few dabs of butter? ; lotsa cinnamon! Spread on the tart crust, fold in same way. Dust edges with sugar after you brush with the egg. Serve very warm with extra creamy, sinfully rich vanilla ice cream. Your family and guests will swoon! (Oh okay, you can use a dab of sweetened fat-free Greek yogurt instead. If you must.)




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