I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, November 26, 2015

A Thanksgiving Walk

Thanksgiving! It's a quiet day. 60*.

My family and friends will arrive soon, I have the turkey in the oven--so now I will take an hour to enjoy the serenity and beautiful solitude--the calm--of my beach.

A Thanksgiving walk is my tradition, I value the quiet time to count my blessings and to enjoy fond memories of holidays long ago.

I remember my parents and their grey shingled house. I miss them.

The family tradition in Cape Cod was to  put on the turkey and then take a long sightseeing drive to all the Pilgrim places---Corn Hill, where the Pilgrims stole the Natives' cached corn;  First Encounter Beach, where they met those natives; the Pilgrim monument in Provincetown, near the place the Pilgrims first landed after their journey from England.
Cape Cod at Thanksgiving is so evocative of those long ago days. I'd wonder, was the weather this beautiful? did they think the Cape beautiful? Safe and peaceful? Were the leaves as colorful, the water so blue? And--oh look! wild turkeys, trotting along the road. Pilgrim dinner, once upon a time.

We'd always stop at Wendy's in Orleans, get Junior Burgers and fries; we'd drive up to Fort Hill and have a car picnic, admire the glorious view...then home to a delightful aroma of roasting turkey.

Now I celebrate early with a quiet beach walk. I'm so thankful I live here at the beach, near a great and amazing city like New York. I am thankful that I can share this day with my beloved children and dear friends.

And of course--Mo! And all my friends here in blogland~~~~~

Happy Thanksgiving!



gone to the beach....

ps table decor and food pix in a few days.