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Monday, February 29, 2016

Quilty 365 February

Hi guys! Time for Quilty 365, Audrey's quiltalong, also known here as the Dotty quilt or Circles. There is a link up On Quilty Folks blog,HERE.

I began my Circles in November. The Dot for Feb 29 will be number 116.

We're about 1/3 of the way done? Here are all my dots so far.

As you can see in my pix one of the February Dots is missing. I faithfully make a square everyday, so one little guy is hiding somewhere!

I'm still using the various text and script backgrounds.

We had a lot of grey miserable days in February...

I finally found nice boxes for this project at Home Goods. The big box may hold all "365"squares in the end . (366?/ 380 in a 19 x 20 setting? / 400 in a 20 x 20 setting? Don't know yet.)

The smaller box holds the book/ diary, the jar lid template, a glue stick, a pen; and cut 4" grounds, some extra dots for busy days or obviously days like St Paddy's Day. I make a mess hunting for the daily choice, so I've resorted to pre-cutting circles when I have fabric out. But I only choose on the day of the diary entry.

I find I cannot sew a dot or even a couple each day. I usually sew about two weeks worth in one sitting, I have to set aside at least two hours. Just the sewing of the dots takes me 9 minutes for each. I estimate 20 minutes per Dot total, including finding fabric and background fabric, cutting, the sewing, pressing taking photos. Yes, I'm slow.

I am still enjoying this project. But I am happy thinking it is maybe 1/3 of the way done! Are you too?



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