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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Playdate (Mo the Pug)

 Hi! We had such fun! Yesterday, Monday, Mo and I were invited for a playdate!

Sizing each other up. Mo is off leash because he is smaller and obeys commands nicely. Reilly is more the excitable type, at least at first encounter.

It was a perfectly sunny, breezy, though hot July day. My friend L called and asked us to come over to play with her chocolate Lab puppy Reilly. It was just like old times, when our sons played together at preschool age.

L currently has three beautiful dogs: elder statesman-lady Maizie, a yellow Lab; Brutus the cutest little ball of white fluff, a Maltie. And now Reilly. Reilly is about 5 months old, Mo is now 3 months old.

They played nicely! Reilly was very gentle and patient. She even shared her ''antler'' bones!

Maizie bestowed a stately sniff and retired to her bed; Brutus wouldn't even consider puppy play. But Mo and Reilly and L and I had a wonderful afternoon. And Mo was tuckered out!

Pugs do not do well in hot weather so I had to monitor Mo closely and give him ice and cool water rub-downs.

It's so good to get a puppy out to play with other dogs. Puppies like Mo, left to their own resources, get into a LOT of trouble. The following pictures were taken the day Mo learned to stand on my little turquoise milking stool.
"I'm here. Now what?

getty images

''Ma, I 'm stuck!"

''Help me?"


Yesterday evening: A happy but tired little guy.



 And yes, Mo snores, all pugs snore,lol.

Mo also received his official AKC paperwork yesterday, and his official AKC name: Satchmo "Mo" Dillingham. Though I'll always think he is named for famed NY Yankees relief pitcher, now retired, Mariano "Mo" Rivera. Maybe the next puppy can be Yogi? Or Mickey? Or......Babe?

Hope your week is wonderful!



gone to the beach.....