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Thursday, August 1, 2019

Westering Women ~ A Bride's Journey West 1853 (complete)

Hi! Welcome August! Today I put the final stitches in my Westering Women quilt and took its pictures to share with you.

Begun January 2016, this was a  quiltalong by quilt expert and historian Barbara Brackman.

As you can see, my intent to produce a quilt with my imaginary bride's treasured scraps, has somehow morphed into one of my bright supersaturated results. I love it despite that, or because of that, who knows.

Mo and I went to check on my friends' mail and garden and did some photos there.

But in the end to get a good shot, I had to hang it indoors.

Some close ups.

Lovely quilting by Lori C. of Quilters Imagination.

I added four blocks to make a larger quilt. All the blocks seem to work together, despite my random efforts. Only Block 2 on close inspection looks very odd, like I make a mistake somehow, somewhere. Huh.

Some fave blocks.


The ones I chose and drafted are the most precise.

The backing is a Little House on the Prairie print, from the original Garth Williams illustrations. Not period correct but irresistible.

I did two labels at very different times.

One label is a list of the names and meanings of the blocks, so the story doesn't go lost in the future.

The other is the label Barbara provided on the website. And only now tonight, as I edited the photos did I realise there is no mention of Barbara Brackman herself!, as the designer of this project. I will add that on immediately, on the Prairie Schooner label.

I loved this project. The history was so interesting and inspiring; the blocks are also interesting and, I think, beautiful even in  their Lizzy gaudiness.

Many thanks, all  these years later, to Barbara Brackman, for this sewalong.


Very off topic but a few people asked how to make my friend B's delicious quinoa***. Here is her text to follow and a pic of what to look for in the store.

B s text below

I make a big batch of quinoa: edit: B reminds me to tell you all to halve the recipe, as this makes  very large amount!
In a large pot I sauté 1 diced onion  and 1 diced red pepper seasoned with salt and pepper in a little olive oil for about 3 minutes.  Then I put the softened onion and pepper in the large bowl I will eventually store the finished quinoa in.  Next I put 2 cups of quinoa in the large pot with 3 1/2 cups of water.  I bring it to a boil and then simmer it, covered for 12 minutes.  Then I turn off the flame and let it sit for 10-15 minutes.  Be careful when you remove the cover because the underside will be wet with condensation.  I season the quinoa itself generously with salt (about 7 shakes of circles around the big pot) and pepper (about 4 shakes of circles around).  Then I mix in the cooked onions and peppers with the seasoned quinoa and transfer it to the large bowl.
I like these fast cook versions too, for one's pantry and last minute meal needs.


It's a bit cooler now. Time for Mo's walk! Or maybe not.

Have a good weekend.



gone to the beach..........

*** [Let's be honest, in your head, do you call it Quinn Noah, instead of Keenwah? I admit it, I do. I wish it was spelled differently. Like ''vegan'' which is not pronounced like vegetable, but as if the followers of this nutrition protocol are aliens from Vega (or Las Vegas?) What do YOU think/ say?]