I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Spring?-Part 2, the Neighborhood / Garden Peeping

Hi! Sorry I was out for a few days, not feeling 100%. My  poor bones really paid for that lovely beach walk last week, bummer.
April is living up to its cold and wintry reputation. Look at these big waves! What we call a ''clear storm'' or ''sunny storm'', which means there's no dark clouds or rain, just mad crazy wind and turbulent water. The mist that you see as blurry photos is salt spray from the wind blowing over the cresting waves.

My household water is the color of tea, eew. From the wind storm, we suppose, but don't enquire too closely. I cannot wash my little quilts for Lori's swap though.

Mo and I had a little ''talk'' about how he is a BIG BOY not a fragile flower dog!

And how it's good to get out  and get some fresh air.

And so, undaunted, [and not dressed in pink tutus!] Mo and I ventured out to search for signs of spring.
Green grass!

But not a bud to be seen on the trees. This is an ornamental peach. Look at that blue blue sky.

Poor Spring, it's so misunderstood. We don't expect bright red maple leaves in September, do we? Or snow before Christmas? But we expect green leaves and twitterng birds nesting, and flowers and warm sunshine--in, ugh, April. Nope. Maybe in---June?

Time to get out and look for Spring! Bundle up, it's very cold, frost tonight.
I planted these narcissus in a common curbside area, many years ago. ssshhh, don't tell!

Mo, inspecting the oddly early sprouting daylilies.

A bit of emerald green moss, glowing in a patch of weak sunlight.

Andromeda? I think newly planted by this gardener.

An old brave cluster of hyacinths. I love the pale pink. I'd love to paint a room this color.

Another old planting, a magnolia. It towers over its house, so it must be 3o feet tall or more. 

 The beach lane got new fences! They certainly lack the charm of the old weathered and mossy grey boards but I imagine the folks who live here are happy for this long awaited [since H Sandy] repair. T

The pine will grey down in  year or so.

That's all for spring so far! The good news is, the first flea is Sunday! I'm very excited.



gone to the beach....