I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Red Letter Day

Hi! What the heck is a red letter day, anyway? Red might mean you got an F on your final exam...However I am using the positive point of view, a
 day of good things.

Very very early, each rare sunny morning, a bright red bird has been landing in the spindly locust tree. He rides up and down on the windblown branch at the very top...and he sings his little heart out.

Probably he is a cardinal, though in these pix, he looks rosy grosbeak-ish? The low red streaks of the sunrise keep me from seeing him clearly...but I love having him visit.

 The farmers market was so busy on this week's sunny Wednesday! Just bursting with shoppers and produce and cops giving out parking tickets. [I managed to evade.]

I stocked up on weekend snacks and appetizers....

Classic red radishes, crisp and tangy!



Just one perfect rainbow striped heirloom tomato.

Oh I must get more! It was so sweet and tasted like heaven, like no store bought tomato ever...

A fresh mozzarella from my friend the Brooklyn cheese guy, far right.

A loaf of fresh French baguette...and fresh tomato/ cheese stacks with black pepper, a dash of olive oil, and snipped herbs.


 another night, an antipasto with more fresh mozz.

 And June in NY bursts with strawberries. The whole market smelled like strawberries...

Again, so sweet, so full of sunshine and happiness.

I marinated them in a splash of amaretto, added some Splenda. [vanilla sugar would be yummier, but in my house we avoid sugar, so...] I'll serve them on peach gelato at the Father's Day BBQ tomorrow.

Let's hope it doesn't rain!



...........gone to the beach!