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Monday, January 31, 2011

Almost Done....HQDQ

Hi! Yes I am still picking away at this little project!

Probably only the die-hard quilters are still with me at this point,lol.

It isn't trimmed because I was short on fabric for the corners, I may have to redo them....


I was taught that the back of a needlework project should look as good as the front....
No way is anyone gonna see the back of this little guy. I am going to choose a backing and layer it up right away, even though I won't quilt it til summer on the beach....

First though I was auditioning borders. I like a border on a doll quilt because it makes it look a true miniature instead of a block from a large quilt that has been trimmed down and bound.
So we have:

Repro (but vintage? selvedge says 1994) indigo (no)...

Repro 1994 red..(no)...

Cheddar #1 (maybe?)...no corner squares though.

Cheddar # 2: (too pale?)...

Turkey red print that I think is antique, I forget....(maybe?)

One fun thing about digital cameras and quilting: you can really step back and get a good look at try-outs and effects.

For the backing:

First I wanted to use a feedsack (logo type, not floral print), just for fun and to emphasize the make-do quality of my rendition of this quilt. I have one with a lighthouse and one with a turquoise elephant! (neither of which I can find right now, but...).
antique calico from an old quilt:

repro double pink (a yes unless I find the feedsacks)....

Let me know what you think? And please don't look too closely at my piecework! Boy, am I rusty!

And as a reward for sticking with me and encouraging my progress, here's a sprig of springtime! Just one of my forced bulbs is NOT paperwhites but an adorable baby daffodil.



new snowstorm coming up the coast...[sigh]

gone to the beach.....