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Friday, February 16, 2018

Out and About ~ Thrift Shop

Hi everyone! Today is a very dark and moody day, with purple bruise-like clouds hovering low in the sky. Feels like November. It finally began to rain just as Mo and I went for our dinnertime walk. More rain then snow then back to rain is the weekend forecast, good weather to hole up and get some good sewing time in. I'm working on Fall Festival---

Pattern Photo, mine is a little different
Now I understand why the other night I was thinking it should be autumn about now, and how fun it would be to go pumpkin picking. Hahaha. I'm often out of sync because when I worked in fashion, we were always designing for the season just past. Anyway it's fun to get started again on a postponed project---the blocks look new and interesting. I already made a mistake though, trimming one of 4 blocks that look the same but one was longer...sigh, not any more. I set Mo up in his bed and gave him a toy that is a stuffie that hides treats; he is supposed to undo the arms and legs to release the snacks. Ha! He looked at me in pitiful horror. I had to unpack it myself, then give him a duck jerky kebab chew, his fave. He took it over to the plastic bin of shirts, scorning his lovely soft bed.

Earlier this week my friend Bea [B] came for a day of shopping. You'll recall she loves thrifting as much as I do, though she usually buys clothes instead of ---stuff.

I got my usual!

I'm pinching pennies so I only got two shirts and a long linen skirt to recycle.

This blue and tan linen stripe is a remnant from Joanns, not the thrift shop. Using it as a table cloth for now, I love it!

Shirts: one is for the Feathered Star sewalong, this pale linen/ cotton check. I don't like the fabric that came with the Star kit [kit!?, more in another post].

And this HUGE cheddar and navy plaid shirt is for handles, a few,  for my Blue Baskets project. I thought a couple handles, which will all be cheddar, in the plaid would be interesting. This shirt is immense, has to have two or three yards of fabric in it.Shirts are $$$ here, starting at 5.99, so I look for size as well as color.

You'll recall my pineapple obsession. How cute is this, a brand new adorable and quite large [16 x 8"?] bamboo cutting board. Price was right! 2.99

Medium sized vintage mixing bowl, Fire King? Lately I find myself needing something smaller than my very large bowls I usually use. 2.99?

A white ramekin for Mo. I use these for his kibble, the straight sides make it easier for him to get the food without throwing it all over the kitchen floor.

An unmarked but pretty transferware plate, a farm scene?

I was attracted to the sepia brown of the rim.

Odd glass cooky or butter presses, for my heart mold collection.

And a couple books! I don't usually buy books but these were interesting. I prob will return them next time.

The dog cook book is coauthored by Mo's vet, cool.

And this is a sweet Christmas style book. Fun to leaf thru on the afternoons when I have my tea.

Besides a couple of sweaters, B got a fabulous huge Victorian silverplate platter / tray, with feet and scroll work. Pretty for holiday serving on her buffet? And new pots and pans, so she did good too.
We always pop across the street for a look in the big fancy Marshall's too. The spring dresses were so appealing and, well, spring-like. Cute Easter stuff.

Mercury glass bunnies, adorable.

And we finished with dinner at our Mexican restaurant. They do fajitas in a way that accommodates B's Clean 30 Diet. No  margaritas though, too bad.
Back to my sewing room for me now. I made 70 Flying Geese spacer blocks for Fall Festival instead of the required 49. And each one has to be carefully trimmed to exactly 2.5" x 4.5", ugh. [Why? Because I like how they look and I think I am short of the vintage fabric needed for the sashings.

Enjoy your weekend!



gone to the beach.....

PS More Mo in his sweater. His dogwalker took these very cute pix.