I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, April 13, 2020

Just Checking In ~ After the Storm

Good evening, friends. Mo and I have weathered the big storm today and all is well.

Winds blew at 40-50 mph overnight and all day, with gusts of 79 mph. Hurricane winds and no plywood on my windows. I try to stay calm but was a bit scared, with the winds blowing off the water directly onto my big wall of windows, in their ancient wooden frames.  The chairs escaped their bungees and traveled around the deck. I took blog friend  Julierose's advice and finally brought the chairs indoors. Look at all that sand, ugh.

I quickly switched from virus mode to storm mode, the survival techniques are different. Batteries in everything, all phones and Kindles and devices fully charged. Food prepped to eat cold. Take showers, wash hair NOW while we have hot water; always light a candle in the bathroom during showers so as not to get suddenly left in the dark. [I have to give the power company credit, power has not gone out so far.] Mo was directed to his indoor potty station and praised for using it; though we did venture out briefly at noon and 6.

Mo stayed alert all day, on guard and worried. The rain cleared at sunset and though the wind was still 40 mph, it seemed like we would be okay. Another challenge conquered!

Out and about, how brave we are.

Hopeful tulip buds.

Pretty furled chartreuse sprouts of? hosta?

Moss, in bloom.

Brilliant euonymous, against dark green juniper.

Bedraggled spring flowers, yet valiantly still standing. I snuck these narcissus into a boring public space many many years ago.

Someone else added tulips in recent years.


The forsythia is stripped of flowers, but surprisingly the pink crabapple still had blooms.


In the sewing room I didn't accomplish very much. I kept running to the window to assess the waves and deck damage, as if my watching could stem the storm or a flood.

Progress on Pineapple Baby.

The fabrics are a group [which I never do!], Blythe, by Wilmington Fabrics.

Boho more than beach?

I fixed the stem/ leaves of block one. Looks a lot better.

I am not adding the grey solid surrounds that will finish the blocks until I know what setting I'll use.

I'm bringing in all different greens for the stems, and I added a few with bits of turquoise in case the recipients request an aqua stop border and binding. The baby's room is palest aquamarine blue [a girl].

I also finally found a cute print for a project I've been mulling over.  It is either vintage housedress/ feed sack or repro. Blue and green little floral sprigs, I forgot to take a photo.

I got these cute cutter quilt blocks on FB Marketplace. Sort of sad to have cut up such a pretty quilt, but that was how the seller had them offered. One for me, one for a best friend.

They'll be pincushions.

Hope springs eternal in sprung. I found saved seeds, no need to shop.

I do hope your day was good and all is well, pls check in and if you comment anonymously, pls sign your first name so I know you're you!



gone to the beach...

beach pics from today! a friend took them for us!