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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Updates ~ Little Quilt ~ Camera ~ Photoshop

Good afternoon! Checking in with good news that my new phone/ phone camera/ and most tech issues have been resolved. Yay! It took my son about a half hour to make everything work, which, for him, is eons---usually a fix by Son takes under 5 minutes. He did mention the dreaded words "new computer" and also Mac, ugh. ["Intended to interface with your new phone, mom, and this photoshop thing is ancient."  But for now, Gone to the Beach blog is back in business. I think the new camera takes nice pics too. Disregard my thumb,lol.

With cooler dryer weather this afternoon  I was able to catch up on Part Two of  Sajou , the Humble Quilt Sewalong.

Here I'm auditioning large side triangles. See why a camera is so useful? I loved the golden [Gulden, lol?] mustard color toile but you can see here it is busy and unfocused, blah.

This is much better, and more interesting!

I went with a purple sprig from the Hideous group. And turquoise and red cornerstones. Why not!

Part three next week. So far my version looks too much like Cascadia from a few years ago, but Lori often has a surprise ending.

I wish I could do the ''low volume'' soft colors like Lori's sample quilt.  But color is my default design strength. Maybe someday I'll try again?

Fall here begins on  [real/ traditional] Columbus Day and peaks between Veterans Day and Thanksgiving. Don't let those leaf peepy maps fool you. It's green as Ireland here right now.

After weeks of near 80 temps and 99% humidity---and non-stop migraines, this morning we woke up to grey drizzle, 48*. Reminded me of leaf peeper trips to Maine and Vermont where you picture blue skies/ red leaves/ wood smoke and pumpkins, and instead you get dense grey fog and drizzle. But all are good signs of fall on its way,

I put a crate warmer in Mo's bed.  I think he's trying to tell me his bed is too small?

And later supervising the sewing room.

Lately he has been a very naughty boy---he had a meltdown when left with my friend for a couple hours [he cried! sobbed!]; he went all the way to the koi pond today then refused to walk home. And this evening! He got into the [usually child-locked] kitchen trash bin, threw garbage all. over. the kitchen floor---then spilled his water bowl into the mess.  And was caught licking the floor.
Anxiety? Allergies? Poor little man.

Tomorrow I am going to audition 1880 Sampler setting fabrics, so be sure to give your opinion when I post it next week.
And I suppose I'll get out the cheddar quilts! I'd love a breezy dry day to air them.

How is Fall in your area?'



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