I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunday, March 30, 2014

First Spring Flea Market / Flower Show

Hi everyone! Did you all get washed out and away by the torrential rains? (At least it's not snow?)

The rain let up by this morning, but the first  spring flea market was washed out anyway. Not even a few die hard guys under the train trestle. I was very disappointed. This has been a red letter date, circled on my mental calender since the last flea market ended at Christmas. Three whole months of waiting! I even went to the bank and got---CASH, lol. But no. And the thrift shop was sparse too.

An alternative plan was required, because it is important to get out and be optimistic on these grey cold days of spring. I went to a big garden show with my friends.

This is the real world nursery where, in Nelson DeMille's best seller Gold Coast, our hero makes the acquaintance of the bad guy, as they mull over lawn improvement products. Right here. Cool.

My friends want to redo their small back garden. A two or three year plan. They are very partial to tropical looks, a style in which this garden center excels.

Feel like a tropical resort! Not hardy in our zone so very expensive to redo each year. But that's up to them, I'm just the advisor.


We bought them some elephant ears bulbs, to get their plan started....

Lots of wonderful unusual lillies and dahlias. These all do well in a seaside garden.

Beautful handblown glass orbs. Note to self to come back next year at Christmas, for my collection.

I am more of a country garden person, not that I have a yard or space to really garden. Just sand and  scrub for me. I love hydrangeas though. They're hardy at the beach.

Some deck planter ideas...

Love the foxgloves. Must have!

Oh and a pond! Like my parents had. My dad had Mr. Frogge and his family instead of koi, though.


I love the current gardening idea of mixing vegetables and herbs right  into the flower beds or planters.

Adorable spring/ Easter small basket arrangements. Lots of ideas, easy to make....

Isn't this so perfect for spring holiday tables?


This is really neat, and if it was a nicer year weather-wise I might do this in a small way: blooming purple heather, like my dad grew year round in Cape Cod. With lots of cut pussy willow branches tucked in.

Hope you all enjoyed sharing a bit of Spring with me!
gone to the beach..........
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