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Monday, October 9, 2017

Parmateer Point Little Quilt, Bitty Update

Hi! Oh my, the little quilt sewalong went by so fast. Every fall, Lori of Humble Quilts designs,, shares, hosts a little quilt mystery project based on an undisclosed antique quilt she has found. The sewalongs are always FUN and always a twist or surprise. Mystery quiltalongs, for my non quilter friends, are a series of steps or clues in the project that all come together in a final post. Lori excels at this. And it really is a *little* quilt, this years finishes at 21" square.

other years' tiny quilts out for their fall airing

Why Parmateer Point? Lori loves to hike her beautiful Oregon mountains and this was a summer destination for her. Here is the info: "Palmateer Point is the unofficial name of a high point above Palmateer Creek and Palmateer Meadows. The name comes from Jack Palmateer, a herder for the Wasco County sheep men who used the area for summer grazing in the 1890s."
Go to the web page page HERE, the view of Mount Hood is stunning.

Often I rename my quilts as I sew on them. The only name this one has so far is Mudslide. It is so icky and muddy in color, nothing like the inspiration quilt, which you can see on Lori's blog post, link at the end here. And the diagonals remind me of playground slides.

I'm particularly annoyed with myself because for a whole year I had planned to use my childhood inspired 1930s repro print fabrics for this year's project. But then Lori talked about soft sweet colors and low volume colors [this means pale, non-q friends], and I wanted to try that!

Often I love these projects when they are all done so I am reserving judgment til it's quilted.

The back will be the very pale peachy pink from one of my thrifted men's shirts.

Always have to have a corner cupboard shot or two. I use this instead of a design wall, good natural light and distance to contemplate the results.

Speaking of low volume, here is my blog friend Penny's version!

Penny doesn't blog so I'm showing hers here for her, and so that you can have the fun of seeing another version , side by side. Penny said she too struggled with ''low volume'' but I think she did a fabulous job.


Now about Bitty: I just could not bear the ink marks another second the other day! I sat down with my Carbona Ink Remover, 2 bottles, and a pile of Q-Tips and scrubbed away.
All the ink came out except this one circle! I think it's okay, it'll be hidden in the quilting.

Then I washed the entire top in regular ALL, to also remove the awful purple Crayola lines, the turquoise fabric runs and the Elmer's Glue stick. Isn't that a scary moment, when you plunge your quilt top into he sudsy water! Gulp.
It washed beautifully.

Mo supervised as it dried in the breezy afternoon sun.

I love it! It still needs I think 3 center small quarter sized circles, and possibly a border swag. I plan to try out the one from Black Lovage by Cheri Payne, scallops and little buds. But I also like how it looks now with just the narrow tiny calico edging.

I plan to hand quilt in and around the appliques, then if that gets tiresome I'll machine quilt the rest. Right now I need a hand sewing project for Fall deck time with Mo! So Bitty gets hand quilted.

I've been loving seeing everyone's Parmateer Point little quilts on Lori's Linky party show and tell. You can see them all, plus her quilt and the inspiration quilt on Humble Quilts

Thank you, Lori!



gone to the beach....

photos this week from another friend with a better camera than I have. The birds are sanderlings, arriving for the winter from their nesting grounds in the Arctic north of Canada or Alaska.

see the churned uo sand? That;s from the tiny feet and beaks of thousands of the tiny birds!

Churned up sand/ footprints


weird filter, my sand is not yellow!
Blue blue sky is exactly right however.