I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, February 25, 2013


Hi! Almost felt like spring today! Wishful thinking? Guys were surfing! So it's not just me.....

The other day my friend B came to visit and we went thrifting, had a great time. Spring-like weather makes me yearn for the flea market to open but truly the thrift shops have been lots of fun.

We went to a new place, very $$$, mostly fine vintage clothes, not my usual junk I like. I saw a lovely rose velvet blouse, to make more strawberry pinkeeps, but at 32.oo, I just couldn't buy it. And anyway it was too pretty to chop up.

The regular thrift shop had a big batch of white porcelain dinnerware.. with lighthouses! Like  this

 15 dinner plates, at least 12 each of soup plates, salad plates, dessert plates; plus 2 decorative plates with large pictures of famous lighthouses. B wanted me to buy it..and I love it. I think all the pieces, with my discount card, would have cost under 40.00! But I just bought a dozen plain white IKEA-style plates, my everyday plates, a few weeks ago. 2.99? So...no. [I don't want to find myself featured on Hoarders, do I!?].

Here's what I've picked up in the past few months, plus what I did with some of the items:
a possibly tacky souvenir seashell box....

became a sailors Valentine/ sewing box.....

Set of 4 repro transferware plates. Love the black....

a nature/ guide book.
I love the big warning banner: life-sized poop!  Is it a joke? Or a come-on for potty obessessed kids, or what?
Neat pieced and handquilted Flag pillow cover. I had planned to use it as a patriotic wall hanging, or as an outdoor pillow for summer. But it is pretty great! May use it in the living room next summer, for a fun pop of color/ graphics.
Men's shirts...
 [oooh, that silky Ralph Lauren cotton, yum!] to piece into a quilt backing?
Stick on sew thru quilt patterns, for doll quilts....an experiment.
Little purse, also for experimenting.
 I want to make small purses like these [but you know, not copies, my design] from Hen's Teeth:etsy shop here 
photo from Hen's Teeth etsy shop
I love hers but they don't have loops or strings...and I lose stuff if it's not attached to my wrist....
 So far I haven't even figured out how to undo the frame!
 A beautiful conch shell...
for my collection, or etsy shop....
[my beach does't have this type of conch, just the big whelks behind it] 
 A Fall find...now with mini daffodil bulbs blooming...blue and white small serving dish, c. 20th century.
Pretty, not valuable...French or German, I couldn't turn it over to refresh  my memory.
Hope your weekend was fun too!
                                                    hinting at spring?
            gone to the beach.......