I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, March 29, 2010

Upcycled Sunday

Reuse, revisit, reinvent = rewards!
Sometimes it is good to be the accumulator of cast-off treasures. I hesitate to say JUNK, although....that eye of the beholder thing, y'know?

The spring holidays are here along with the birds and the flowering daffodils. Time for family dinners, visits with old friends---and time for the dreaded but oh so pleasing-when-done spring cleaning. Last week after I dusted and scrubbed I decided my guest bathroom needed a little lift to welcome a dear friend who was coming for the weekend. And you know how that is---the stores were full of browns and dark greens and deep blues---nothing bright or white at all. Grrrr!
Finally at BJ's (a big box store similar to Costco or Price Club), while hunting for gourmet cheese and fresh flowers, I spied their simple white bath accessories. Great white spa bath mats and fluffy classic white towels--the price was right but the hand towels lacked---something?
Out came my collection of vintage and antique laces, a recent winter's gift from another friend.

Old laces are sometimes more sturdy than we realize---they are usually cotton, and densely worked with high twist, strong thread.

I couldn't bring myself to use the gorgeous hearts or LOVE edging [below]---I will save those for pillowcases.

But I did finally choose a nicely age-tinted, rather geometric lace. Isn't it great! I love the sepia brown color, almost ochre.

So simple to sew on with a zigzag stitch top and bottom. Or if you don't want to pull out the sewing machine, they could be hand sewn with a running stitch in just a few minutes.

Here is a towel on an old Swedish pine washstand.

And here they are in a Nantucket basket made by my sister! So pretty!

Or here with one of my lavender-filled hearts...

No lace around?

You could use mother of pearl buttons from your "stash"...

or a seashell trim from the craft store!

[be careful when you wash this version! I put the fingertip towels in a mesh bag so stray beads don't clog the washing machine.]
I can't wait to make more!

PS: Later---another storm brewing!---I made matzo ball soup. The box caught my eye at the grocery store and I figured, Why not?

I loooove matzo ball soup! Especially on a chilly rainy night. Not as good as from the kosher deli or my mother-in-law's kitchen ( all that love stired in!)..but pretty darn good!