I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, September 5, 2016

Hurricane Waves

Hi! Storm, what storm?

Hermine was a bit of a disappointment, I must say. Not that I want us to have a huge awful hurricane but there is something pleasantly soothing about a nice tropical rain storm after a long hot and very sunny summer. I did not do a big ''preparedness'' thing because it was pretty obvious Hermine was not a threat. I did finally charge my second Kindle [ya never know!] and I was all set to sit down and sew at my machine for the first time since May.
Lifeguard stands were taken off the shoreline.

But really---no. Bright hot sunshine as Hermine meandered out to sea to our south.

Photos sent from the beach by friends, for us here on my blog.

Some dune erosion and overwash at high tide.

Dear little Gully!

Today, as the waves became bigger, I was tempted to walk on down the boardwalk to check things out. I went about halfway, not wanting to overdo with my hip issues.

It looks pretty!

Then a lovely sunset with a rainbow!

The rainbow is far away, embedded in the storm far away.

Sunset against the storm cloud sky.

Not ONE drop of rain fell, not one puff of breeze blew. Just big waves, hurricane waves.

This would have been Mo's first hurricane! He got a lovely bath/ brush/ groom to celebrate the season's finale.

It was , he said, exhausting! [Mo selfie!]



gone to the beach...

PS Here are my two Westering Women blocks I completed on Saturday morning, before the storm wandered away.
This is "The Platte River": the brown center is the muddy water, the purple, the river's banks, the bright edges are the prairies in bloom across Nebraska.

This block is "Hills and Hollows", referring to the rolling landscape of central Nebraska.

I used a few of my antique blue fabrics in the center, they may date to about when this quilt story is supposed to take place, in the 1850s.

[This block made absolutely no sense to me. Too many colors and triangles. I just sewed each square slowly, matching the photo on Brackman's blog. In the end it could finish exactly 12 1/2" or all the points could match. But not both.]

I mocked up a collage of the Hills and Hollows, it would make a very interesting allover quilt. [I don't have a symmetrical collage template but you'll get the gist.]