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Tuesday, January 7, 2020

2019 Quilts

Hi everyone! This is , I think, a rather self-indulgent annual post, as I look back to see exactly what I did during the previous year.

For awhile I thought the How Many Quilts I Made posts in blogger world were braggy and obnoxious. Remember the woman who made 400 quilts,lol!? But it is fun --and sometimes surprising to look back, so here we go:

A favorite project and finish: Temecula Quilt Company's 1880 Sampler. I loved doing this project. It was worth the effort too, to find [with help] and create the original setting from the antique inspiration quilt.

Westering Woman, a BOM from Barbara Brackman. Actually made and finished in previous years but unquilted til 2019. Another fun, interesting project. 
Brackman gave my version a dismissive, ''now you have a nice[?] album quilt," like I need another quilt. I participated in this project for the history of Westward Expansion, c. 1850s. [Damned with faint praise!, as my mother loved to quote! Oh well.]

La Grande Sajou: from a Humble Quilts sewalong. Unlike Lori's petite quilt, my Sajou grew and grew and grew. It is not a quilt I would have chosen to make, but I enjoyed indulging my love of color and researching fabrics from my Alsace heritage, as well as the fabric of Provence, France. [neither photo really captures the depth of the colors as they truly are.]

Opie's School Shirts: a rescued top, with my input to finish. Love it. Biggest half square triangles I ever saw.

A fast baby boy quilt for a young mom who  would only like, I imagined, very very plain. I gift these baby quilts, probably never used or loved but...?

Lori/ Humble Quilts doll quilt swap quilts:  

Swap quilt number one, a reject: antique madder Stars. Too quirky to give away in a swap to a stranger and as I recall a few inches too big. Given to my brother and SIL  for Christmas to go under one of their little Trees. He seemed to enjoy it. My SIL is a quilter so she said nothing, perhaps thinking, Just what I [do not] need! LOL.

This was my second try at following The Rules. [no]

This is quilt number three, same design, very authentic colorways. It was what I sent to my swappee.

Little Red: Outtakes from TQC Sampler, plus adorable red horseshoes print and much loved by me green polka dot apron. My favorite quilt ever maybe, it has been hanging in the sewing room since it was finished. That NEVER happens, I do not hang or display my quilts usually, as you all know. I'd love to make a full sized Big Red--maybe Churn Dash blocks?

Lori is a huge influence, how I wish I could hike like she does! This is Humble Quilts' Fall Mystery project, Almost-Almost Amish. Top is complete; not quilted yet. May hand quilt it. So far cannot find a good backing.

My last year's [2018-19]  personal holiday project, made during the Christmas to New Years lull and  let down. Cheri Payne's pattern, Joyful Christmas. I like the effect of the raw edge applique stitch I experimented with; and the free hand big stars I used to machine quilt it.

Tiny Tree--top only. This year's Holiday Project [2019-20]. It will be so cute when I finish its embellishments and quilt it. A sewalong from TQC, I do their Christmas or Valentine projects most years.

Honorable mention: A Day in the Country, sometimes I call it a Year in the Country. Pattern by Sara Sporrer, kindly shared by blog friend Penny and brought by her friend all the way from South Africa, which just boggles my heart and mind.

I'm including it, unfinished, because it gave me so many hours of creative pleasure over the past year. It also got me to embroider again, still don't love it but i do like the graphic and textural effect of the words here.

And another honorable mention to Bitty [Minick and Simpson], who came with me to the beach all summer. Not finished by January 1st, but I sewed the  last binding today. Definitely not a finish, because as I did the final work I realized  Bitty's wing must be redone...no contrast, awful, makes poor Bitty [the main Bird, in my imagination]look deformed, poor little mite.
Bitty has to go to the recipient this week! So she'll show up again, and is of course another gifted baby quilt destined for oblivion no doubt.

Many thanks to friends who blog or email or comment here, and to those who visit and read my blog, and my stories, to my friends who shop in my etsy shop--you are all treasured in my heart. And love and thanks Baby Mo for his patient support [in the thrifted shirts bin] as I quilt.

I am surprised I made as many pieces, quite diverse? as I did. EDIT: I forgot the tShirt Quilt! My part is done, so it counts? The recipient's
mom wants to sew the binding. LOL. If she doesn't find time, and I end up doing that, I won't mind counting it again for 2020. Better photos when that's done.

I hope to be more focused this year...structure! time! and contrast/ value. And as always, strive to improve, but also strive to enjoy.



gone to  the beach...