I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


We re ok, house us ok, but we had to leave! So far still ok,,,,more tomorrow.I can t email some of you bec I have no hotmail acct rt now, so no address book. Lv your email here for me to send word via gmail.

my gmail is


ff msg may get thru too.



Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Hi! All is well here at the beach! These photos were taken from my deck, so far I haven't tried to go down to the beach. My email keeps going out, so if you emailed me personally, I may not be able to respond right away...

But we still have power, winds below 40 mph. Main concern is very high tide at 9 PM.
The water will almost certainly sweep up over hese dunes.

A friend is emailing me video footage, so maybe check back once that arrives.

Stay dry!



..............gone to the beach

tomorrow is another day

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Dithering Here....

The last weekend of October already! And Hurricane Sandy is on her way?

What to do!? Stay or go, sandbags or ice bags? Tape the windows, plywood the windows? Head for higher ground?

Flea market or supermarket?

Yesterday the gulls seemed unconcerned...

Just another grey and foggy day.

So? Last week the flea market was GREAT! It had moved again, back to a larger more appealing area. There was parking and grass and shade.

The real antiques dealers were there too.

I got some goodies.

My Staffordshire transferware china I love.

the pink bowl is tiny, less than 2" across!

cups without handles are usually old, pre 1840

and geometric shapes are older, c. 1840-50?
small milk jug, rare.

Inside decoration: another sign of being older pieces...
same with cups below

blue cup plate predates the pink butter pat

an Austrian creamer, tiny.
Less than 1/4 Cup.

Almost everything was being touted as "Very Old"...I catch myself saying that too, lol. And ONE DOllar! The price was right!

But today? In the end I opted for the supermarket instead of the flea market. It was a little busy, but then I never go there early on a Sunday! Lots of church ladies and moms with crazy kids. Guys buying beer and chips for the games....Plenty of anything you might ever want, including row upon row of bottled water, and stacks and stacks of ice. They did have plywood on all their windows though, that seemed a bit scary.

I have to say I think the Weather people are too ---excited? Even over-excited. They have no clue how stressful it can be to sit here and wonder what is to come. And the more often the overblown reports precede weather systems that just blow in and out with a few showers---the less likely we are to be willing to leave.

The Weather Channel crying ''wolf''?
Not good. Migraine time! For now we are staying, in spite of the evacuation orders. Wish me luck.



gone to the beach

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Eye Candy

Hi! Remember the photoshoot the other day?

I had just received a package from my friend Lisa. And in it was a selection of her amazing hand wrapped copper and found-bead necklaces and earrings.

I am thrilled to be featuring Lisa's jewelry in my etsy shop. Her designs mesh wonderfully with mine...

...so if you take a look, you are in for a treat .
[LOL, how apropos for Halloween, yummy and No Calories!]

Here's what I wrote for my shop copy:

Lisa D. is from Arizona. She is a talented writer , a metaphysical thinker, a healer, teacher, and artist who incorporates her many interests to her handmade jewelry. Lisa mixes found, treasured beads with finely twisted copper wire to form intricately fascinating chain necklaces and other talisman jewelry. Each bead is selected with care then wired and attached by hand. The copper will age gracefully, as well as impart healing aspects...and creates an amazing urban desert, found object appeal.

Lisa's collectible chain necklaces are stunning worn as a single focal point, even better layered and worn en masse....see lpicture shown with added keys*, and/ or layered with a few of my own ''in work'' items.

Authentic antique skeleton keys are available for an additional $5.00 each: brass [gold tone], silver-tone metal, patinaed metal, rusty metal.....or let me choose.

Mention my blog..or Lisa's  here and you'll get free shipping on any of my etsy or eBay items.




gone to the beach.....

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Textures of Autumn


Texture...shadow, silence, emptiness. These are the ''colors'' of autumn at the beach....

We have few trees to ''show color''....just the brilliant red Virginia creeper and poison ivy.

Yellow goldenrod.

 Blue, blue sky.

In search of new photo shoot locales, I went today to this deserted cabana club near my home. The small spaces are rented to locals only,  by lottery, and are expensive, considering the size! [thousands of dollars]. You can see how well kept they are.

The rows of little huts have showers and maybe a toilet, I'm not sure, and room for a family's beach junk; the grill and the cooler, beach chairs, a place to change clothes. Electricity so dad can watch the game on TV.

On a summer afternoon these cabanas teem with activity...

Now they stand in lonely rows.

Waiting for next summer...

The dunes were as empty as the cabanas...just me and the tiny migrant birds....

Deep shadows, brilliant October sun...

wild mushrooms...quite large!

Mature, protected dunes with dense growth of stunted black pine, juniper, bayberry, spruce..mounds of dusty miller and heather, red creeper vines and bittersweet berries...

It's a subtle autumn, but oh so beautiful. At least to me.



..............gone to the beach....

PS They got a LOT of rules....

No kites? I never knew...
seems they scare the plovers?

I used a long lens. Really!

I'd hate to get arrested for *this*! LOL