I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hurry! It's Summer!


This weekend I've been busy finishing my (lol) spring cleaning! Only two more days til summer, gotta get this done---or else!

Or else what, you ask?

Or else I won't be able to relax and sit on the beach sewing quilts and hearts. I'll have the heebee-jeebies knowing the house is untended and imperfect.

dream pillow/ relaxtion pillow, in my etsy shop today!
don't you love the "seagulls" antique lace?
What have I accomplished?

*I scrubbed the guest bathroom with Clorox, Tilex and a tiny hard brush. By hand! I washed the ceiling---and the glass showers doors and chrome are  all polished and shiny. The grout is VERY white. I did my bathroom too, though not as intensely.

esty shop: tiny dream pillow sachets
*I washed the screens and the window surrounds and the interior windows. (I wash the outside ocean-facing windows every week, year round....)
*I scrubbed the entry foyer and the stairs; I "waxed" the stair treads with Floor Rejuvenate! Smells so nice, so-----polish-y!

French ticking and lovely wishes for summer [esty]
*I bleached and polished the kitchen cabinets. I washed all the walls around the light switches and knobs where they get grubby......

*I put away the flannel sheets and cashmere sweaters, got out the shorts and tank tops.

meditation pillow white linen and antique lace [etsy]
*I almost finished painting the living room, but ---remember the hand in the car door incident last week?---I had to postpone that a bit. Too painful....

*I found new white slipcovers! And reupholstered one of the sofas. When my hand is okay and I put the new covers on, I'll tell you all about that.

***Still did not plant my deck flower tubs though. That's for Monday...and then: finito!
Do you spring clean? Bet you get it done looong before June!



.......gone to the beach