I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Out and About ~ Christmas Shopping

Hi! It's warm today [50*, no wind], though grey and gloomy---autumnal, for these final autumn days. Mo and I saw people in shorts and light hoodies this morning, imagine that! Brrrr.

The brief warming spell is a nice change from frigid past six weeks. Despite the cold days my friend L and I have been out shopping and enjoying the holiday airs.
"Window" shopping is fun and easy on your budget! First we went to the ''over the bridge'' garden center.

It is always fun and festive, though quite subdued this year, we thought. Very traditional. (And expensive).

This would look so lovely with the candles lit!

Gorgeous shade of red! Like velveteen on a little girl's party dress.

I love the pine gnomes! I so wanted to bring one home...but then his friends started grumbling and pouting, lol.

More gnomes! We called them tomtes when I was a child, Swedish gnomes. ["tom teees'']

I'd like a bucket like this.

And a cranberry mercury jar.


Only a few coastal or beachy ornaments.

Then back to Pier One. Somehow I lost/ mislaid all the gift ornaments I'd bought. So upsetting, wherever could they be? Loved this glass dome vignette.

And we are so thrilled because a new Old Navy opened nearby. Used to be one of those long hard drives I whine about, to get to the nearest Old Navy. As I said to L as we left, "My kind of store. Fun and cheap."
I can't show the gifts I found but let me whisper the hint, Seven dollar flannel pj pants!
And I treated myself to pompom slippers.

Mo finds them interesting, yet puzzling.

A final stop at Trader Joe's for greens.(look, Mel, I finally found some real holly!)

and  antipasto makings and cooks' stocking stuffers.

They had beautiful flowers and a well priced selection of very fresh greens.

I am pretty organized by now.  Sewed or handmade gifts are done, cards are mailed, faraway gifts have been sent. This week all that's left is the wine shop and a grocery run .Fingers crossed I can find nice eggplants in December, for EP parm. And I am baking cookies tomorrow, I think.., just simple snowballs. Yay! How about you guys?



gone to the beach...............

ps off topic, here is my collection of  beaded Christmas bracelets. I love the detailed handblown lampwork beads. Yes, I know, they are tacky.

I made this one myself, about ten years ago now. Silver flea market charms.

Elf boots and Santa hats!

Maybe I can't wear all three at once?'

And a beautiful Angel who looks out at the beach, from my neighbors' deck.

Merry Christmas! Blessed Yule! Happy Holidays to all.