I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Flea Market

This week's market was the alternate "little" flea market...though it is nearly as big as the original market lately, just is held a few blocks west. The drive was so pretty through the seashore areas. I took a backroad shortcut through the dunes, now filled with goldenrod and grey bayberry branches and huge flocks of redwing blackbirds.

Again my eyes and imagination were bigger than my pocketbook!

 I found lots of good "stuff"...

More rhinestone pins and shoe buckles for vintage photo frames to hang on a Christmas tree...

A white ironstone low oval bowl, had to have it!

Really great find of chandelier crystals! Again for an all white Christmas tree?---or any tree...

Or for reverse collage....

I got these thinking "garland"...

but maybe wonderful as is?

Here are a few new all white/ all lavender buds hearts in the white bowl. So pretty! I used vintage buttons with a hint of amber and glitz for Autumn.

...[they should be available in my etsy shop / ebay by Monday. 7.oo each.]

And something for ME! Last week I said I adore turquoise...so how could I pass up a bracelet with a turquoise heart! Sterling silver, Mexican not Native American. I love it! The same dealer is holding a needlepoint turquoise Navaho snowflake/ star pin for me for next time. It looks just like a Feathered Star quilt block. Another treasure.

PS The type drawer and all the type were still there...the dealer wanted $100.oo.
There were maybe 75-100 large wooden type blocks, letters and very cool punctuation. She wanted $3.oo each for the individual letters....what do you all think?  (Buy it! Buy it!, right?). What else did I pass up? Lovely china-head and wooden peg Hitty dolls; many great old photos; sheet music for collages; more white linens. And still no mums, couldn't park close enough to the booth.

...next market in TWO weeks!



...gone to the beach

my beach, note the looong shadows, a sign of Fall
 and coming shorter days.