I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, May 29, 2014

June (soon)


Hi guys!
Ah---June. A time of change, uncertainty, a time of anticipation, of pothole repair crews and traffic jams. Sweaters and windjackets/ shorts and flipflops.
Nowhere, anywhere, to park.

June at the beach has an odd air of frenzy, or desperation...we [they?] just cannot WAIT! to get out there on the beach.
Hurry Up! We gotta relax! Now! 

go awaaaaay! go awaaaay!

Anyway I just adore the beachy tchotcka aisles at the supermarkets and beach shops.

 My kids are too old, to blase', now but once upon a time, a June long ago, it seems, we'd pore endlessly over the baskets of sandcastle molds and pails and shovels. So exciting to choose just the right one! (And as if we didn't have washbaskets full of same, from other years or beachcombed. But still.).

I kinda miss all that. Though sandcastle construction is, like kite flying, a lot of hard work and not quite as much fun as you think it'll be.

I do less machine sewing, more handwork in the summer when I can see my stitches in the bright sun. Today I dyed some natural linen green, for June strawberry leaves.

I painted the thrifted pantry boxes. The new-to-me chalk paint is very pretty and easy to work with, great coverage.

 This chalk paint will be great next spring for eggs...

I picked up a few useful things at Marshall's. A huge beach basket hamper for all the beach towels.

I have a zillion towels.

Somehow no matter how often you gently ask guests to bring their own towels and beach chairs---well, they don't. And kids only use a sandy towel once, right. ''EEeew, ma, it's all sandy."

A couple other Marshall's things: Pretty stationary to write to friends who do not use email or text. (Yes! They exist!) Or for the ones who send email but never write back when you respond, one of my little peeves.

A wooden spool of cord, bought mainly for the neat fat flat spool. They had a bunch of them but $$$. No bargains there.

A beautifully colorful Provencal tablecloth, 100% cotton. Maybe for a quilt back someday? How fun to flip over a drab Civil War repro quilt and find this! Authentic in its way, as in the early 1800s India block printed muslin was ''all the rage''.

And I bought a little pot of daisies for my graniteware blueberry bucket.

A little skimpy, but I haven't found just the right thing, and these were cute and cheap.

So. For now.

A visitor. Not Kitty, one of her Twins. Kitty , Smokey and Junior have not been around for months. I hope, as Kelley suggested, they found better ''homes'' during the long hard winter. Only Stripey, the patriarch---and the Twins remain.

Let's hope for a warm sunny weekend!  Any plans?

gone to the beach...