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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

2015 Finishes

Hi! I was talking to a friend and I said I thought 2015 was a pretty good year, all things considered. No major health crises, no hurricanes, no---issues. A good year. And so I thought it'd be fun, in a braggy sort of way, maybe? to look at what I accomplished quilt-wise over the past year. Please note the these are finishes, not begun AND finished in 2015---it can take me years to get a project done just right.

And so it's also safe to say I won't be one of these quilters who has made 450 quilts last year. What do they DO with them [and how do they afford it?! here ***; mine go right into the closet to gather dust, or are listed on eBay or etsy.... Anyway, here goes:

Flags of the American Revolution

Antique Chimney Sweep [taken apart and resewed, finished, cleaned.]

 Mo's crib quilt

Cordelia's Quilt aka the Lost Quilt [copied from an eBay auction that I lost by less than a dollar]

Table runner, upcycled dish towels w/ folkloric birds

Doll quilts/ minis:

only handquilted piece

A tiny Flag:

Miscellaneous sewing needfuls and pinkeeps for my etsy shop. These are just a few.

Mo is a big help, of course!

I hope you enjoyed my little quilt show!



gone to the beach....

***from Pinterest---interesting.