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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

2015 Finishes

Hi! I was talking to a friend and I said I thought 2015 was a pretty good year, all things considered. No major health crises, no hurricanes, no---issues. A good year. And so I thought it'd be fun, in a braggy sort of way, maybe? to look at what I accomplished quilt-wise over the past year. Please note the these are finishes, not begun AND finished in 2015---it can take me years to get a project done just right.

And so it's also safe to say I won't be one of these quilters who has made 450 quilts last year. What do they DO with them [and how do they afford it?! here ***; mine go right into the closet to gather dust, or are listed on eBay or etsy.... Anyway, here goes:

Flags of the American Revolution

Antique Chimney Sweep [taken apart and resewed, finished, cleaned.]

 Mo's crib quilt

Cordelia's Quilt aka the Lost Quilt [copied from an eBay auction that I lost by less than a dollar]

Table runner, upcycled dish towels w/ folkloric birds

Doll quilts/ minis:

only handquilted piece

A tiny Flag:

Miscellaneous sewing needfuls and pinkeeps for my etsy shop. These are just a few.

Mo is a big help, of course!

I hope you enjoyed my little quilt show!



gone to the beach....

***from Pinterest---interesting.


  1. Thanks for sharing! I'm a big fan of baskets and antique quilts and applique and well, these are just wonderful.:) Sweet to see your pincushions too!

  2. What a wonderful photo of the quilts hanging on the fence. You should do something with that.

    It's nice to be reminded of projects you've shared with us throughout the year. Good for you finishing up so many of them.

    You're beach is starting to look a little chilly.

    1. Thanks Kelly! Yes! We had a couple of really cold days. Like 11 * when we got up one morning. I kept Mo in, since he was feeling sickly. He likes his little jackets tho, such a good boy.

  3. Loved this post very much! You got a lot accomplished. Many quilts I make take years to complete as well.

  4. What a fun quilt show. I appreciate seeing all your wonderful work gathered together.

    I can't even begin to pick a favorite. The American Revolution quilt is so amazing. Mo's quilt is cute beyond words.

    All of them are so special.

    Thanks for sharing and bringing a bright spot to my morning.


  5. I love all the quilts and pinkeeps, even though I do have some favorites. So many this year! You have done a lot. I get tired just looking at all that work, LOL. Anyone else think that quilt cost estimate is a little low?

    So, have you decided what quilt project is NEXT???

    1. Hi! Well YOU did a lot of the work on the biggest project. Which are your faves>

      The antique redo quilt is gorgeous in person, so delicate. It washed beautifully.

      Next is to complete Pokeberry and Summertime, then I hope to make the Ohio Sampler quilt[s] this summer.



      PS Yes the quilt estimate is LOW! I for one never worked for 10.oo an hour.

    2. Thanks everyone! I m so happy you all enjoyed my little quilt show.

  6. I am amazed you did so many in this past year. You are amazing. Your quilts are very unique and not like so many others. Love them all.


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