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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

♥ Hearts ♥ and Memories

♥Among the things you can give and still keep are your word, a smile, and a grateful heart." ~ Zig Zigler

I hearts!

I began making scented sachet hearts as a child. My mother loved historic toiles and French Provencal printed cotton in an era when polyester and garish geometrics ruled the fashion world. And she grew her own lavender, in the front garden plot behind the grey fence covered with pink Cape Cod roses. (A noisy little wren nested in the fence post for years.) I think the front garden was my dad's potato bed but the lavender flourished; the space was silent and benignly neglected---hot, sunny and dry; filled with bumblebees and butterflies.

But my mother did NOT sew, so each summer I was recruited to be the cutter/sewer half of our little hearts venture. (She was the beauty and the brains , lol.) I was even gifted with my own pinking shears for making pretty edgings.

I still have a few of those hearts made from Pierre Deux cottons, though their scent (like my mother) is long gone.
Seems like I still make a LOT of hearts! The joy is in their creation, each is different: a vintage scrap of textile...a special button or trim (If you knew how long it took me to choose each button, oh my, you'd laugh! Silly girl!) Ribbons, lace---.
Cape Cod lavender buds, cinnamon, cedar, rosebuds and lemon verbena scent these little tokens of love, friendship, just plain prettiness?

I love white hearts....

All sorts of blues....

Romantic velvet and silk ......

Mottos and homilies:

And always a few special Valentine "cuties"!

s you see here, or simlar versions, are availble on ebay and in  my etsy shop now!
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