I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A Beach Walk

Hello! A perfect day today---sunny, 75*, light breeze, dry air. Let's go down to the beach to visit the birds and to check out the aftermath of the ''storm".

The boardwalk and benches were removed in case of hurricane. Too bad, especially the dune bench. I was looking forward to a half hour of quiet knitting there on sunny winter days to come.

The oystercatchers left promptly on October 2nd. I saw their small family / flocks circling the beach before they left. Only the gulls and a few sanderlings remain.

The gulls love to soar high in the brilliant blue sky.

October dunes:

Big waves:

To the far left, that speck is a fisherman.
You can see in comparison
how big the waves are.

Sunny days, early sunsets.



gone to the beach...

Friday, October 2, 2015

Rainy Days

Hi! Update---NO hurricane. But whoa! sudden shift into  October mode!  Who'd have imagined?
43* feels very different from 83 or even 78.  Today I've been scrambling to locate jeans and fleeces, rain gear and boots. It's cold. And wet.

Mo wouldn't wear his raincoat.

The weather people were so fixated on Joaquin the hurricane that they forgot to look out their windows to notice the drenching rain, and cold temps. Silly.
No ''coastal flooding'' so far. [and what does that mean anyway? Like, higher than normal tides on the beach? Or move my car to higher ground, or what? I've lived here many many years and still never know.]

I' m making apple crisp today.

With cranberries. And vanilla bean ice cream.

The house smells delightful.

I plan to spend lots of time over the weekend enjoying my almost completed craft space.

Mo doesn't like it when he has less than 100% attention from me.

The weekend menu includes boeuf aux  pinot noir et champignons aka beef stew with wine and mushrooms [cremini and portobellos]. Served on pappardelli noodles [wide egg noodles]from Trader Joe's. Plus  roasted butternut squash with pepitos / pumpkin seeds.

The sudden chill , brief though it probably will be, makes me understand why folks are wanting to do Fall decorating. I got out my new glass pumpkins. Looked online at warm pumpkin-colored throws, mulled over autumn pillow ideas. Considered digging out my cheddar quilts. Suddenly ''cozy'' seems appealing after the long hot summer.

What feels ''cozy'' to you? Hot hearty food? Flannels sheets? Boots and sweater weather? Mittens and hot chocolate?

have a  lovely weekend, Wish me flea market luck!



gone to the beach......

Below, note the flock of birds, flying along with the storm. They passed over for hours. I don't know what kind of birds they are.

Mel says the birds are perhaps purple martins. The female does look just like my photo. They were def migrating, we don't have them around here.


Wednesday, September 30, 2015

October Walk

October already!? Didn't September just seem to fly by? It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, c'mon with me and Mo for a little walk this morning.
Mo excels at fence peeping.

These are the gazebos where weddings are sometimes held.

My friends' tropical garden is still gorgeous.

Look at the size of these elephant ears.

More fence peeping. This yard had a big crop of Pokeberries. I'm noting that some are green...and the stems are neon pink, imagine that.

More late bloomers:

An odd shrub with really unattractive berries in an otherworldly-ish lurid purple. [they look fake, don't they?]

The koi pond has been weeded a little, so I glimpsed the koi the other day. I was happy they're still there.

These are the water plants the owners put in this summer. Now we know why they're called water hyacinths. Pretty.

We visited the Goose menage. For a couple weeks Baby had this cute little sunflower bonnet.

Sadly things have changed. Mom and Dad Goose are in the Bug costumes and poor Baby is naked again. I'm gonna look for a pumpkin costume for her and leave it on the doorstep. See what happens.

Speaking of costumes, Mo got his Halloween costume! You'll never guess what he is gonna be.

This is our newest feral kitty. She wants to be friendly but is wary of Mo. She lives over near the Goose family. We named her Baby Spook after Mel's kitty.

I scored a few hydrangeas. Yay! 

Back at the beach, we hearing dire warnings: Hurricane!
I just need more batteries and food if "Joaquin'' actually arrives on Sunday. Hope all is well with friends who live further south. Let's hope Joaquin heads out to sea.



gone to the beach...