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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiiving

I'm making' a list, I'm checking' it twice---nope not my Christmas list but my Thanksgiving holiday prep list.

Hi everyone!

I love Thanksgiving. I have my children and closest friends at my table, celebrating our blessings and spending festive times together.

I have vivid memories of so many Thanksgivings...the year I made acorn people place card holders...I was about 8? One of the figures was a mommy acorn pushing a walnut pram with a teeny tinyacorn baby inside it. The acorn cap formed the baby's bonnet! We packed them carefully and put them in a shoebox, for the drive across Ohio to my grandparents' house "Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house we go." [my mom liked car ride sing along. My poor dad! We're all very tone deaf.]

And Thanksgivings in Cape Cod. My mom was so efficient she'd have everything under control by lunchtime and we'd pile in the car and take a very long drive to all the Pilgrim sites nearby: First Encounter Beach, Corn Hill Beach, Pilgrims' Monument in P-town, the old Puritan church in Orleans on the windswept moor overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. My mom was so good, she actually trusted the oven timer to click on as planned and we 'd arrive home to a fully cooked meal. Awesome.

And even though I complain, I enjoy all the preparation...making the menu, with dishes both old and new. delegating the wine choices and seeing what appears [rose' this year].

I love choosing one of my heirloom tablecloths. This is my favorite, a great grandmother brought this from Switzerland in a wicker trunk. That branch of the family was brought to America by Kraft, to make Swiss cheese.

I like to choose the table runner, iron the napkins---no, the blue napkins didn't "work".

I enjoy polishing the silver, my designated chore since childhood.

Even the turkey plates are fun to see; we greet them like old friends who visit this one day only.

In recent years I've been using mercury glass...with candles and gilded pumpkins and squashes.

I never know how the table will look until I get started. I set the table the day ahead while the pumpkin pie is baking. Oh it smells sooo good!

I do a huge Fall cleaning, usually in October , sometimes not til November. Seeing the house all fresh and sparkly clean makes me so happy. I can feel the tension in my shoulders slip away, I can breathe again. Mess and mini sand dunes, our version of dust bunnies, makes me very nervous, lol.

Snacks are very light, because the meal is so big.
Cranberry encrusted goat cheese
Apricot white Stilton
crackers/ sliced homemade bread
red or white wine
Mixed nuts
1st course:
 Italian -style mushrooms stuffed with garlicky ricotta and spinach,
real crowd pleaser, this dish is always made by a friend.
main course
Turkey with gravy
Stuffing [cornbread, wild rice, bacon, chestnuts, dried cranberries]
roasted Fall veggies with apples and nutmeg
creamed onions
braised Brussels sprouts with garlic and lemon
rose' wine
Pumpkin cheesecake
[I try a new dessert recipe every year. I love to bake, hate to cook.
Wish me luck with the cheesecake.]


This is Mo's first Thanksgiving! Shall we sneak him a drumstick?

or let him eat clogs?

Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.
Thank you for being my friends!




gone to the beach............


PS FOUND!  in the wine cupboard, LOL!

PSS Snow, what snow? Note the temps.
So far as I know, it cannot snow when itis 49* out?



Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Turkey, Turkey! I Found a Turkey!

...at the flea!

Hi guys! Actually I found the ''turkey'' at the thrift shop...I'll get to that in a minute.

First, the flea. Oh the fun of a November flea market. The outdoor market goes on until Christmas but each week that the weather is fine enough for the dealers to appear seems like a special treat to me. This past Sunday was beautiful---light jacket weather, no wind, sun and clouds. People were cheerful. (how bizarre!)

I had my List in mind, and typically when you want something special (pink mercury glass ornaments, vintage Christmas linens, especially tea towels to wrap small gifts in...), nothing I wanted was there. But OMG there's a LOT of super hero action figures lurking in bins in this world. And old VCR tapes. Wrench sets and screwdrivers [oh! stocking stuffers?] Socks, but not the wooly kind I wanted, for this project. via Pinterest
This quick and easy crochet pattern gives a big impact! This lacy edging can be added to any pair of socks or boot cuffs.
English writing boxes and humidors, like my dad collected.

Many wooden crates. A few years ago when I wanted a crate not a single crate was to be found. But now, they're everywhere. It was such a nice day and I had more time than usual so I was able to poke in every booth, looking at tiny stuff. I found these!

The dealer was a young-ish guy working with his son who looked about ten. The boy was sweet but he didn't know what a thimble is. Yeesh. And the young dad must have really good eyes!

Yes, three of the four are sterling silver. He swore they were silver and wouldn't take my offer of 5.oo [we agreed on 10.oo]. And yes, at home with my extra strong magnifier I found the hallmarks and sterling silver marks, not much bigger than an eyelash. One thimble is unashamedly aluminum too.


see the Sterling mark?
Just to the right of the black schmutz/
hallmarks below

Two of them are charmingly well used and bent from wear. I love that.

I thought the two small thimbles were children's thimbles. They only fit on my pinky. But they're marked size 7 and the other two are only one size bigger, my size, 8. So I guess the two littles were for a lady with dainty hands.

What didn't I buy? : a American Historical transferware plate, blue and white. It was a pictorial scene, "Historic Wall Street, New York City" [no Bull though]...which I thought was pretty neat. But not 10.oo neat.
And a beautiful 40s-50s heavy thread/ big stitch cross-stitched Christmas table cloth; the allover design was poinsettias. Unusual but I don't love-love-love poinsettias.
Then there was the cranky quilt lady. For fall instead of her Not For Sale / Don't Even Ask! quilts, she has topped her tables with brilliantly autumn colored granny afghans and other crocheted throws. Two were very interesting: large wool fabric squares: 5", 9" each with a blanket-stitched and crocheted edge; then they were crocheted together, same as granny squares, with colorful wool yarn. The lady is so cranky I didn't dare ask her if I could take a picture, but maybe next week. She has a couple of mother of pearl carvings* I wanted, so they're on my list.

Okay. As you know after the flea I go to the thrift shop. Oh boy, home runs! In a small but fun way. My eyes bugged out when I found the stack of crescent shaped bone dishes. Sepia brown transfer with hand painted details..

They are marked Victoria Pottery with 2 crossed swords , both marks imprinted. The crossed swords mark seems to be Derby[shire] England. Here is something very similar on etsy.
Each little dish as a different Fall wildflower.
Blue and pink asters.


Pansies [!].


Striped coneflowers/ blanket flowers? Cockscomb?

Bachelor buttons?

And wild roses and blackberry brambles.

I like to use these dishes for my small sewing utensils.

If you glue a magnet on the back, your needles and pins will stay in place in the dish.

Or you can make a MOP needle keep for the front, by adding another magnet to an old pearl button [*see above, what I wanted from the cranky dealer]. These needle rests were designed/ invented by Lori of Notforgotten Farm. She gives instructions for you/ me/ us to make our own on her blog. here

The Rosehips crescent is badly chipped. Probably I'll keep it, offer the others in my etsy shop.

Then, next aisle, a much taped together set of fall foliage-looking cups and saucers.

I saw them two weeks ago and passed them up, but yesterday I hemmed and hawed; tried to dislodge the tape [keyless car fobs are so useless!] and finally flipped the stack over to read the base of the bottom most saucer. Huh! "King Tom---An American Tradition.'' I just read about that pattern, and turkey dishes on Nancy's Daily Dish But all I could see was the fruits and leaves. More dithers occurred, then I decided that at 3.99 I could bring them back if I didn't like them.
Got home, tape off and----LOOK!

I did not expect this!

Are they not the most adorable turkey cups ever. The turkey King Tom! is inside!

And on the saucer.

I have a platter in this pattern, I think, and another similar called His Majesty.


The pattern seems to be American transferware ironstone, though I found one source who mentioned his item still has its Made in Japan sticker. More research needed.

Here they are on Replacements. $14.99 each! [scroll down for cups and saucers, on the left.]

Good finds, even if no one wants tea with their cheese cake on Thursday.
I love them.

BTW, remember the china turkeys I got a few weeks ago? The oh so tacky turkeys. I can't find them! They----escaped!!?

The bad news is---the thrift shop is moving. Away. Out east. To visit will be a destination venture not a ''just pop in after the flea or grocery store'' place. I'm so sad. I'll miss it.

My Thanksgiving menu is set, the groceries are crammed into the fridge, but I haven't polished the silver yet. How about you?



gone to the beach

warm days brings fog!
Noon view...
then clearing and windy.
Poor Mo's "Potty Patch" on the deck, blew away.

"...so I peed in mommy's bed.
ssshhh! Don't tell her."