I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Blue Skies White Lilacs

Hello! Come share our walk?
Today Mo and I found white lilacs in bloom. Oh my---swoon. It's an old tree, two stories high!

White dogwood too.

And someone has put gorgeous Van Gogh-esque iris here on this corner to help disguise the ugly pole.

And golden brown iris, which seems to flourish in our sandy soil.

Pink snow!

Pollen culprits.

Neighborhood gardens...

Fence peeping. We checked on the Blue Fish installation. Looking good.

And I love this woman's tiny garden. I snuck a few pictures. She has many wonderful garden ornaments. My fave is her Mr Sunshine.

Look at his amazing patina, which adds so much depth and form and expression to his face. It must have been here for many years.Next to Mr Sun is another sun face, but the face is a convex mirror, also very cool. [to right]

And this is the corner below. She has accented her dwarf Japanese maple with garden stakes that are glass orbs and rusty sparrows. The colors pick up the russet red of the leaves so beautifully. Each patch of her yard holds tiny gems and vignettes.

We peeked over the fence at the beach cabanas. The much coveted aqua and pink BEACH arrow signs [hilarious. Who needs a sign?] have been replaced with less cool orange-y tan sign. My friend and I have been hoping for years to find a fallen and therefore salvageable aqua arrow. Someone less wimpy got there first, I guess.

Mo and I ended our day with a late afternoon trip to the dog park.

I've figured out now that Mo is kind of indifferent to the park. [He hid under the bench by my feet]. What he loves is riding in the car!  He sits securely in his car seat looking like the Queen on parade.Window down, ears fluttering. Driving Mr Mo!



gone to the beach

Monday, May 18, 2015

Spring Cleaning

Hi everyone! May is spring cleaning month. Not a fun project but the results are oh so pleasing and calming.
For about 15 minutes, til the wind blows in more sand and pollen. We don't have lots of trees here, but what is here blooms in May, especially the pine trees.

First on the list is to strip off and wash all the white slipcovers. This must be done by May 1st before the town starts ''flushing'' our water mains and the water turns brown, sometimes very brown. Like old coffee colored. Hard on white cotton.  I also changed the throw pillows to the blue and white summery covers.

This year I did something I swore I never would---I covered the clean slipcovers with sheets and throws that will be easier to remove and wash over the summer. I've always had white sofas. I stood strong through toddlers and red wine stains and guests with poorly trained children, tea spills and tomato sauce splatters. But I am defeated by little dirty dirty paws and gooey rawhide chews.

Then I washed all the rugs by hand. [Tide, Clorox 2, and a scrub brush. Much blotting. Looks , uh, better. I guess]The blue china went back in its display rack, pitchers on the dresser.

All the yelloware is washed and replaced in the corner cupboard [plus sneak peek of my gorgeous doll quilt from Barbara!]

My dining table has reclaimed its original function, now that I am making my craft space elsewhere.

I love how open and tidy it looks, with just a homespun linen cloth, some striped place mats, and a pail of sunflowers.

And I finally redid this corner which for years has been an eyesore and clutter magnet full of golf clubs and beach chairs and random crap.

I put my  Swedish bride's bench here,
See the rolling pin?

To deter the return of the junk I added the blue door bolster and the beaches sign. Fresh and clean! I may put my collection of blue Shaker boxes here in the fall, or baskets of berries. It can be a fun spot to decorate now.

I repainted this large fish sign to give to a friend. [it was part of the junk in that corner]

Even the little metal terrarium got a coat of white paint.

I scrubbed and refinished the entry stairs. I bought one of those stupid Mr Clean Eraser sponges and washed all the wall smudges. [as it disintegrated in my hand].I aired the beds and put blue quilts but I didn't yet remove the flannel sheets. Outside it is again cold and grey. And I haven't cleaned up my deck and I have some touch up painting to do but overall, I am pleased.

My mother didn't believe in seasonal cleaning. She said that if you kept your house in proper order daily there was no need. [You should have seen that lady's linen closet!] But my dad had his differing plans--he'd clean drawers and closets on New Years Day [how ghastly] and paint the house in and out each June, as needed. And he'd patiently wait til the pines finished blooming to wash all the windows on the Cape Cod house. Inside and out. Much bickering would ensue, as my mom was the self-designated spot spotter. "You missed a spot, honey! There! No no, over there, no there." Then it would rain. LOL.

So how about you? Do you spring clean? Do you do it alone or have a helper or two? Is it worth the effort, since it all gets pretty grungy right away again? tell me!



gone to  the beach...............

Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Gift of Beautiful Day

The only treasure on the beach this day was ephemeral---no shells, no sand dollars, no seaglass. Only the gift of a perfectly beautiful early summer day. These photos were taken last week, on the first day I was out without a coat since November. Six months or more and now: freedom.

Yes we've gone from puffer parkas to flip flops in just a couple of days. I suddenly recalled that I need a new beach chair. I saw one in the village sundries shop in April, nice and cheap and lightweight, but I couldn't bring myself to buy a beach chair while wearing a down coat and snow pants. Silly girl, I need it right now.
This was a very low tide afternoon. The beach is still pleasantly empty of people.

The oystercatchers finally chose a nesting spot safely high above the normal tide line. This couple builds here every year. The eggs are always laid during the first week of May. click to enlarge

Here are her two speckled eggs the size of small hens eggs. The OCs don't continuously sit on the nest so I was able to get a photo from far away. (The sand is hot enough, on a sunny day, that the birds can leave their eggs and they'll stay warm and cozy in the sunshine.)

So far there is only one plover nest, marked by the large cage they are given.

There are a number of piping plovers running about, however, so maybe more will nest soon. Piping plovers are so tiny and so well camouflaged that you can't really spot them. I locate them by their fast scurrying across the shoreline..There's a piper in this photo, do you see him?

Me either! But here he is a bit above center, at the right edge of the small horizontal line. The little guys are very fast so it's blurry.

There were more pipers along the the edge of the gentle waves. They are about the size of sparrows but chubby, with tiny black beaks and toothpick legs and black neck ring. The rest of them is the colors of sand---tan, white, grey, nothing.

A beautiful day. And more to come.



gone to the beach

Oh but wait! Look who else is here. 

I can't believe they gave it a name. And here is her map---I remember when she was in [off?] Cape Cod last year:

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