I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Welcome Summer!

Happy solstice, welcome summer! The longest day, when twilight lingers late and dawn arrives just a few hours after.*** Summer is here.

Now is high summer, the long hot season begins---and the early harvest is in at the farmers market.

This morning we had a playful puffy breeze and sunshine, another perfect day! The big town has the fountains going again....

The antique kiosks with our town history have been replaced [post H. Sandy]. Lots of civic pride in having overcome such a difficult time.
The strawberries are ripe and juicy and luscious!


 Fresh herbs for sale.

Early tomatoes, from a grower's greenhouse. (I love their checked red gingham oilcloth tables!)

Someday I 'll figure out what to do with beets. These are "Golden Salad'' beets [eeew?], and Watermelon beets/ radishes. 

I bought this beautiful red-leaf butter lettuce. Dense and sweet. Just picked this morning. What a treat!

I'll make a huge salad tonight with the lettuce, slivered strawberries and bleu cheese. A vinaigrette made with this delicious peach infused locally sourced vinegar:


We'll welcome summer on the breezy deck, nibbling on Long Island cheese and Brooklyn salami and teeny tiny red radishes.

We'll toast Summer's arrival with a crisp white local sauvignon blanc. Marinated steaks and salad. Perfect~
[oh except the wine should be red, let me go look. (I hate red wine.) Maybe a rose`?]



While Mo cools his fat baby tummy on the cool wood floor.



gone to the beach~~~~

***PS This fascinates me: The longest day, when twilight lingers late and dawn arrives just a few hours after.
Today 6/21
Dawn begins 3.18 AM!
Sunrise  5.24
Sunset    8.29
Darkness descends 10.34!

so there are only about 4 1/2 hours of darkness, even less here where we have no trees or mountains and the horizons are far far away. No wonder it's hard to sleep?