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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Welcome Summer!

Happy solstice, welcome summer! The longest day, when twilight lingers late and dawn arrives just a few hours after.*** Summer is here.

Now is high summer, the long hot season begins---and the early harvest is in at the farmers market.

This morning we had a playful puffy breeze and sunshine, another perfect day! The big town has the fountains going again....

The antique kiosks with our town history have been replaced [post H. Sandy]. Lots of civic pride in having overcome such a difficult time.
The strawberries are ripe and juicy and luscious!


 Fresh herbs for sale.

Early tomatoes, from a grower's greenhouse. (I love their checked red gingham oilcloth tables!)

Someday I 'll figure out what to do with beets. These are "Golden Salad'' beets [eeew?], and Watermelon beets/ radishes. 

I bought this beautiful red-leaf butter lettuce. Dense and sweet. Just picked this morning. What a treat!

I'll make a huge salad tonight with the lettuce, slivered strawberries and bleu cheese. A vinaigrette made with this delicious peach infused locally sourced vinegar:


We'll welcome summer on the breezy deck, nibbling on Long Island cheese and Brooklyn salami and teeny tiny red radishes.

We'll toast Summer's arrival with a crisp white local sauvignon blanc. Marinated steaks and salad. Perfect~
[oh except the wine should be red, let me go look. (I hate red wine.) Maybe a rose`?]



While Mo cools his fat baby tummy on the cool wood floor.



gone to the beach~~~~

***PS This fascinates me: The longest day, when twilight lingers late and dawn arrives just a few hours after.
Today 6/21
Dawn begins 3.18 AM!
Sunrise  5.24
Sunset    8.29
Darkness descends 10.34!

so there are only about 4 1/2 hours of darkness, even less here where we have no trees or mountains and the horizons are far far away. No wonder it's hard to sleep?



  1. That sounds so yummy! I can't wait for our garden to start producing some fresh summer veggies.
    Mo is so cute. I bet he is a lot of fun.
    Welcome summer!

  2. Oh your plans sound wonderful! Love your pic of the sand with the shells and rocks. Can't wait to walk barefoot on the beach. I do love my oceans. Enjoy your week. Hope you continue to have great weather. :) Kit

  3. Sounds like a great day at the market, it looks so nice. I feel more like Mo looks.....not a lot of energy today.

  4. The town looks so inviting! So glad some things are making a recovery.

    Your fresh finds look delicious and the salad was probably perfect. I'm not a fan of beets myself, I don't hate them, I just think they taste like dirt. Your plan to welcome summer sounds lovely, hope it was fun. AND, I think you should drink whatever color wine you like no matter what you're eating--rules smules!

    It IS fascinating that dawn begins sooo early-who knew!

    Rub Moe's belly for me.


  5. Hi! I just tucked Mo into his ''crib'' for a few hours. We were out on the deck feeding the kitties.

    Yes! Beets taste like dirt. So why do we want to eat them,lol? I ve read that roasting them is good, w/ garlic and herbs [to hide the dirt taste!]. eeew.

    I use Old Farmers Almanac site, you can type in your zipcode. The link may show cape cod, look how early dawn begins there, bec they re further east and north. My kids say there s an iPhone app for this but they haven t put it on my phone yet. The weather part just shows actual sunrise, not dawn/ dusk. So here s what I use:


    Yes dinner was lovely both nights. Tonight just burgers but with grilled asparagus, done in foil. Yum! Wine: I buy red for guests and Italian red sauces....


    1. My gosh, you really aren't getting much sleep are you? Nice you have some feline company during the wee hours, and Moe of course.

      I'll check out the site, thanks.

      I'm over trying to appreciate beets, I'll leave them for someone else to enjoy.

      Your weekend sounds like it was a lot of fun, just the thing to start the season.

      Now, get some sleep!


    2. OMG Mo has been so bad all day! I feel like I have a ''terrible twos'' baby in the house. My kids never misbehaved like this. Bad Dog!

    3. Hah! Just keep reminding yourself, it's just a phase. Don't know much about puppies, but when the cats are being ornery, I assume they're bored and I try to tucker them out with interactive play, or a training session. Wish I was a fly on the wall! Good luck.--Kel


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