I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Summer Day ~ Beach

Well, that says it all for a blog called Gone to the Beach!

Hi everyone! Weather here is lovely but the eclipse was a fizzle. It was very fun to get texts from friends and read FB posts as everyone in the eclipse path experienced the awesome sight.
From Mel who was in Missouri:

But I live far to the northeast, we had nada. It didn't even get a little dark! I expected twilight. Something?
Mo and I stayed in, our optometrist friend urging us strongly not to risk our eyesight. Here's a view from my window at the height of the eclipse:

Business as usual at the beach. I really don't think anyone would have noticed anything except for all the TV coverage. And just to add---watching an eclipse on TV is sort of like watching Macy's Fourth of July fireworks on TV. Bland, boring, and dull---with commercials.

big flock of now-grown sea gull babies, in their dark and ugly plumage

Just an ordinary day...

But back to the beach. See this bracelet:

It's from My Intent  I kept seeing their ads online and I cherish the stamped inspirational key my children gave me, so this past spring I treated myself to the simple bracelet. The Giving Keys

You know how every New Year there's a lot of bloggy talk about choosing one's word for the year, the single word that will define and guide throughout the year? I always thought that was a little silly, to be honest. These bracelets are similar, but instead of choosing a word like kind or peace or simplicity, I chose to make my focus more tangible. I asked myself, What do I want to accomplish this summer, and this year?

Well, most important was to walk Mo again, but I was already doing that as best I could.

What would be a bigger challenge?  Admittedly my world is small. My disk would not say, A summer in Provence or Christmas in Vermont or Move to Sweden.

It had to be doable.
Looking back, despite the pain, I enjoyed my summer last year, me and Mo sewing very day on the deck, but I also felt lonely and isolated and left home alone as family and friends went to the beach. Without me.

My goal this year is simple. My bracelet says:BEACH.

Each bracelet is hand stamped just for the recipient. As when my friend Hunter makes origami cranes, folding blessings into their paper wings, the artisans who make the bracelets are told why the word they're stamping was chosen, and add their thoughts to their work.

What has surprised me is--it works! There are days when I do not feel I can make the walk down to the beach. The beach is wide this summer,  and round trip, with no extra walking/ beachcombing is about 1 1/2 miles. I sit on the edge of my bed in my swimsuit and think, I just can't, it's too far and so hot...but then I glance at my wrist, tying on my old New Balance walking sneakers,  and I think, You can do it. You can, and you will.

I pack up Bitty, a large jar of water, some snack crackers; bug spray, sunscreen spray, a towel. I tie Mel's bracelet she made me, all shells and seaglass beads, on top of the Intent bracelet. And off I go

Carpe diem, sieze the day.

Darling Mo, sadly, must remain behind. That breaks my heart, even though I understand pugs do not belong on hot sandy beaches.

Do you have a word, a mantra word? Do you think a charm or talisman can actually work?



gone to the beach!!!!

bracelet My Intent

word keys: [these are real re-purposed recycled keys!]  The Giving Keys