I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I Can Always Use another Aqua Mason Jar, right?

The Sunday flea market was a bit "eh" this week---
...the vendors sparse and surly, the goods on sale running to socks and cheap new jewelry and stacks of tools. I think the weatherman jinxed us, with his dire [and wrong] predictions of rain and wind. Or all the good vendors went to Brimfield!

I did get this lovely old 1/2 gallon Mason jar, along with extra tops both zinc and glass from a friendly guy and his young daughter.
He had a bunch of these big jars and at a dollar each the price was really right.

Unfortunately his booth was as far from my car as it could be so I only took one jar, the only aqua one.

And a nice woman was selling Mary Emmerling books and a selection of lovely primitives. You all know how I love hearts...

so I finally haggled and begged and bought the set of seven tin cookie cutters or molds.

Wonderfully handmade, each different and showing various levels of skill in their making.

One of my fav blogs, Laura's 52 Flea has had a whole series on her glass jars from Brimfield....


And what she put in them for display. I loved seeing her ideas! Sadly my hearts didn't fit into my Mason jar, so they are now residing temporarily in my early 1800s Sandwich glass apothecary jar, an inheritance from my parents.

And the Mason jar got green orchids! Later it will no doubt hold shells or sea salts.

A wonderful bead seller, very pleasant and friendly---selling silver and hand-blown glass Pandora beads!


I stocked up on these babies, wish I got more!

What I didn't get---besides the rest of the Mason jars? There was a woman who had really great dolls. I estimated the dolls as repros, probably from the 1970s. Two were large Hitty wooden peg dolls---adorable! Though outsize and one had a broken leg.... And two small china head dolls, classic black painted hair and blue eyes. I seriously wanted to buy them all, but the man who was helping the seller whisked them away into the van before I could inquire! Guess she didn't t really want to sell them......?

No more Sunday markets now til probably October! Because in the summer.....

                                           gone to the beach......