I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, December 21, 2018

Decorating with Christmas Quilts

Happy Friday! The holiday is fast approaching. Today was my day to deep clean my house, but the weather is so dark, so grey and foggy that [maybe this is a good thing?] I can't see the dirt. 
This is also the winter equinox and the celebration of Yule, plus there's a Full Moon and a comet in the heavens, so wonderful. Too bad about that fog. Have you noticed that the days are already noticeably longer in the evenings? Yes today is the shortest day, as sunrise comes at the latest time, but the earliest sunsets oddly are at the beginning of December, not now. Even 5 minutes cheers me up.

Usually I am very very sparing about displaying quilts in my home, especially small ditsy quilts that my family find unattractive, even annoying. But at Christmas, for these few short weeks, I love getting out all my special holiday quilts. I put them everywhere!  Merry Christmas, indeed!

Come see? [no nothing new, Kel! Same old, playing with my new camera phone!]

I did make new Christmassy pillow cases! I kinda love them, garish though they are.

Gifted border print fabric cases on the right.

 Mo had a groomer appointment yesterday, so he is all fluffy and creamy white for his Christmas pictures. Shelly the Groomer gave him three jerky treats! Mo heaven.

Everyone asked: The cookies tasted okay, good even. Coat almost anything in powdered sugar, and the taste is not bad! But the texture is mealy and the cookies disintegrate when touched. But I plan to use them, just for my family dinner on Christmas Eve.

How are things at your house? I still have a gift or two to buy tomorrow, if the fog lifts...



gone to the beach............

So thrilling  when a box full of gifts arrives from far away. I remember our excitement when the box would come from my grandparents. My grandma traveled a lot and always brought us exotic presents, a Swedish Dala horse, a Swiss chalet music box, a German cut glass slipper holding two tiny perfume bottles, a china ladybug or an edelweiss under glass. A tin treasure chest with a tiny brass key, a leopard print child size umbrella from Paris, a set of impossibly delicate, wildly inappropriate hand blown Venetian glass cocktail stirrers! They had perfect tiny glass animals on the tops. "I knew you'd love them," she whispered on the phone. I still have the seal and the giraffe somewhere.