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Friday, September 9, 2016

Rushing the Season

Hello! It's hot and summery here but in the stores it is definitely Fall and Halloween. I've had fun the past week or two getting out a bit more, able to walk a little and have fun.

Of course the first place my friend L and I headed to was Home Goods! If you don't have HG you can find similar fun things at Marshall's and J Maxx, HG's sister stores.

I adore these Shiny Brite Halloween ornies and garlands!

If you're looking for mercury glass pumpkins, now is the time!

I bought this turquoise cutie and put her away till mid-October.

Lovely wreaths. I especially love the velvet pumpkins here.

Michael's, the craft store is another Must-Do stop. They have wonderful, though expensive faux pumpkins.

I did buy just the one creamy white pumpkin, because it's so hard to find nice ones here. But as my mom always pointed out with faux anything, now I have to find a place to store my pumpkin finds. Fresh decorations, fresh flowers...after they're used, out they go! No clutter.

I also got a bit of sock yarn for my snow day stash.

We had hoped our adult ed here the high school would offer Learn to Crochet. I so want to learn this craft. But no. So I'll knit socks this winter, maybe. [Hard to wrap my head around snow today ,lol.]

From Bath and Body Works, some autumn and winter scented candles for my stash. Just in case that someday-storm brings us a power faliure, I stock up on jar candles. Somehow those solar emergency lanterns just never work . You can depend on candles. [put them in safe places during storms, like in the bathtub or shower, or kitchen sink!] And of course they always smell delicious. I order online, and just hope for the best. "Amber" and ''bergamot'' are key words for online scent buying, for me.

Oh and Mo got another  Donut bed. He just loves his Donut!

How about you guys? Still in shorts and flip flops, even for the weekend tailgate party? Or you're rushing the season and getting out your woolies and pumpkins, too?



gone to the beach....

Sadly I get no reward or remuneration from the shops and products mentioned, lol.