I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Mid-June ~ Garden Peeking

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Time for a walk! Mo and I have been walking a lot, carefully monitoring not only our own deck garden but cautiously sneaking peeks at what the neighbors are up to too.

Ever have those early summer days when you have lots of chores and projects to tend to indoors but you just want to be outside in the sunshine? We've had low humidity, windy days, perfect deck days.

And of course we stroll around the neighborhood three or four times a day. Pretty colors and bright green leaves and grass have reached their early summer peak. Door step crocks are popular:

Are these tiny pinwheel petunias? I love them. Also papyrus for the feather tall accents plant.

Roses! Besides the usual seaside rosa rugosa, I see a lot of this rose that has small deep pink multi petal flowers that tend to retain a rosebud shape. Very hardy in salt air, they flourish here.

A few peonies, so delicate, so special. The market had them yesterday, $3.oo a stem, for a tight bud.

Lawn decor. Lighthouses are possibly slightly tacky but I love them. This one must be four or five feet tall.

Shell wreaths are popular.

I have one too. We prob all got them at Home Goods last summer.

The beach path margins are growing, each planted along the whims of the owners, each different:

Iconic grey fences:

We catch brief glimpses sometimes through the old weathered slats.

This afternoon we stopped by my friends' house to see how their garden is doing. This is the couple who last year switched from a tropical garden to a seaside roses and hydrangeas look. Nantucket instead of Maui.

My friend's pride and joy, his Japanese maple, grown from a little twig, is looking oddly Big Foot-y this year! It has become so dense and it has a face and paws. 

Home again, home again. Have a great weekend.



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