I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, February 4, 2011

Making Do - Part One

When life gives you lemons [lemonade!].....When life gives you scraps [make a quilt!].
Overused homilies, of course....but oh the fun of making something wonderful out of bits, bobs, and found objects! Lucky for me, us, it is a choice we make...for artistic pleasure, for the good of the Earth, whatever.

During pioneer days, then later the Great Depression and WW2, it was a necessary part of life.

I love this patriotic encouragement!

When I was working on my HQ doll quilt, I mentioned using "shirting"...

...and a friend who wears gorgeous handmade dress shirts took note.

A week later, when he received new shirts from Hong Kong, instead of discarding his worn out shirts, he passed them onto me!

I was thrilled! The cotton fabric is so fine, so lovely! Not exactly what we as quilters mean by "shirtings" but definitely a great addition to my stash. I trimmed away the collars, cuffs and plackets, saved the real pearl buttons...

...and now I am thinking: Can I use them for my next HQ doll quilt?* Or maybe blue and white Lone Star or simple nine patch?
I know I will use them...and think of my friend.

The colors are so me! I almost kept the shirts to wear....

Tomorrow [or soon!]...Making do with rescued woolens and leftover quilt blocks. Plus a make-believe love story of sorts!

*PS: Yes I know I was cranky about my first HQ little quilt, but now I feel challenged to try another---and do a better job! Plus the fun of replenishing my antique fabric stash...again, tiny bits, saved by frugal housewives so long ago!



[gone to the beach]