I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

January Thaw

Hi everyone! It's warm! A heat wave! Temps above freezing, what a delightful change.

Guys on the beach in shorts and with surfboards, crazy.

Some hopeful soul made a little sandcastle.

Okay not really hot or even all that warm, it's colder here at the beach...

but high 40s is fine with me. Heck, double digit  temperature is fine with me. And no wind!

You can see the warm rain front heading in the other night, soft angel sky---harbinger of spring.

Less layers, less cringing when you dare to poke a nose out the door. One less layer of clothes not needed.

The downside of the thaw is that everything is drippy and dirty brown. Even the remaining snow drifts, eew.

It was warm enough and thawed enough to venture down to the beach. Mo was invited to spend Sunday with my friends who are now over the flu, and with no dog walking responsibility, I was able to walk more than  I have walked in a long time.

Very low tide, you can see the corrugated sand, usually far underwater. Lots of tiny sandpipers, finding wintery foods.

I thought after the storms and high winds, and very low tide, contributing to lots of intriguing outwash areas, like these:

---that I would be sure to find good treasure. But No. This is my little handful. The greens have to go back, they aren't seaglass yet, just shiny shards.

Other bits, an interesting piece of brick;

a piece of pottery or drainpipe.

Shell spine.

The inner twist of the whelk will make a nice bottle stopper.

Sometimes I wonder: Is it possible that over the years we have picked up all the seaglass from the beach? Here is about half my collection. My friends who were babysitting Mo have at least as much as we do or more.

Nearby, the paper white daffs are going strong. This is after one week.

The amaryllis are much slower but I'm hopeful still.

To lessen the gloom, yesterday on our Monday errands run to Target I picked up this pretty bright melon orange cotton voile scarf for spring. I love tassels almost as much as I love pom poms. 

Threw in a Valentine candy bag of these oh so cute Reese's Love Bugs candies.

For my great aunt's candy jar.

They are either cute or icky, I'm not entirely sure. They remind me of giant aphids.

And from a designer friend who is wintering in Palm Springs, these darling Pug socks! She says patterned socks are ''in'' out there, who knew. I love these---Mo makes these exact faces.

I was very pleased to find a new bed for Mo, his favorite kind, a donut bed with fake fur lining. Unfortunately he loves the fur so much, he eats the bed and I immediately had to take it away from him. I set the bed on the table for mending  and forgot it. Later Mo was again missing. Here is where I found him!

"what!? It's my bed!"
And when scolded and shooed off the table he galloped into my bedroom and resettled happily on my best down pillows. Mo has spring fever, I think. In a puggy kind of way.

Dumpster diving, see what I found! Isn't this fun. It's a real painting or print on canvas. Gone to the Beach! But it was big and heavy, and I had Mo with me, so I had to leave it. Too bad---or just as well?

Slow cooker Korean shredded beef, with broccoli and brown rice for dinner. Yum.



gone to the beach...

sunsets and a tiny crescent moon.

The light poof in the center is a reflection of my camera on the window glass, I think.