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Friday, September 16, 2011

Color "Stories" with Antique Fabric

Hello! Probably you all know I collect fabrics, especially antique fabrics....I use every tiny cherished scrap for quilts, doll dresses, and my lavender hearts.

I love putting together color stories or groupings, whether for my own inspiration of for for a customer who wants a special order and has a certain color or style in mind.
This was a BLUE or Indigo story I gathered up a few weeks ago....

I  loved the assortment of traditional indigo fabrics through the centuries!
The person who was ordering chose something else...but I liked the idea so much I made  a set of small square lavender "pillow" sachets...one in every  fabric.

I made them just for me, for fun, but I am planning to list the group on etsy, in case someone else loves my vision too. (I can always make another set, right?).

The many indigo blues fascinate me...

Indigo was used---is used today---as a beloved blue dye, by artisans worldwide...


The brilliant silk "punctuation" squares have indigo batik on the reverse, continuing my theme.

Then I had a request for all red ticking hearts, for party favors! how fun!

These are/ were my selection of 19th century French tickings.

These are antique American calicos [below], c.1880-1900, rescued from the backs of tied quilts. And solid faded rose-red ticking. They became the backings of the red hearts.

Add lavender, antique suspender buttons---china and celluloid, some linen twine ..and quite a lot of hours hand sewing on the beach...

Aren't they so cute!

I tied them up in individual cellophane bags to preserve the scent.

Wouldn't these be adorable for a shower favor, in either white for weddings or in silk matching the bridesmaids' dresses...

Or--- pastels for a baby shower...

How about a group in reds and purples for a Red Hat party favor?

Old red quilt bits and cinnamon-cedar stuffing, maybe a cinnamon stick tied on, or a glittery button make festive tiny party favors/ stocking stuffers for Christmas too.

The possibilities are endless! There are wonderful modern specialty motif fabrics too
that add to the options and interest. You could probably have hearts/ tiny pillows in your fave football team's colors! Who knows!

Unscented versions are always available too---the hearts make adorable package tie-ons and I love them as napkin ring ties, a little treat for holiday meals. (no calories!)

It's so fun to plan and choose...special orders are aways available through my blog or my esty site. Come visit!
gone to the beach~~~~~

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