I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, October 10, 2014

Pumpkin Moon

Hello, hello! Did you guys see the eclipse?

moon w/ helicopter below left

Eclipse, what eclipse? Here at the beach we had cloudy skies and a huge wind storm! No eclipse, though the next night was clear as a bell and the moon so golden and bright.

deserted beach cabanas, moon, helicopter
The wind blew down all my deck stuff---umbrellas, table, potted palms and mums. My neighbor has full sized palm trees in giant urns and they blew over too. (Of course we all slept right through all this action.) I went to the farmers market and all the vendors' tents were down, those who were brave enough remain anyway. So I had some extra time (I am training Mo not to have separation issues) and I went for a brief hike to the bird sanctuary. Trees were down there and the trails were not easily maneuvered.

Heck. I went home, solo cabbage in my market sack.

Today my friend L and I had planned our yearly Columbus Day visit to the pretty garden center across the bay. L had doggy probs and cancelled so I decided to go it alone.

I'm such a sucker, I just go all ga-ga over scarecrows and pumpkin stacks. (Don't you? Admit it, you do!)

This place is definitely a garden and landscaping center. No cutesy tres chic Halloween stuff here. Just masses of beautiful flowers and pumpkins.
The pumpkin varieties gets more exotic each year!






I love these dull green guys, and the knobby grey Hubbards
Gotta love Big Max. I wonder what he weighs?


Aren't these ornamental cabbages fantastic, almost surreal. They should be the design inspiration  for a Kaffee Fassett fabric. (He actually did kale and cabbage I found out! here )

I was looking for ideas for another friend who recently renovated his beach cottage's deck and tiny garden: autumn perennials.

Unusual bright pops of color, there are pepper plants.

Fall landscaping. This waterfall is so perfect and natural.


Pansies for my deck? Amish quilt colors.

Beautiful dense button mums....

And gentians! I've never seen Swiss-alpine gentians before.

I was ''just looking".  The owners graciously allow me to wander and take endless photos. They know I'll be back---maybe with my kids?---real soon.
PS If you actually saw the eclipse please tell me/ us! Otherwise, I think we get another chance, in, maybe, April 2015?
gone to  the beach