I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Just Checking In

Hi, friends! "Just checking in..." We say that a lot now, daily texts to be sure everyone is still okay as the virus rages through our area. So far I  and my family and friends are still healthy. We have food. Mo is fine, I am fine.

Yesterday was so bright and sunny that I almost got out the summer patio table and my umbrella. Deck time is Mo's favorite time.

The once white wind screens need a good scrub, but it's too soon. I had been hoping to replace them this year.

Here is our usual view, love that blue sky. You can see, lower right, neighbors going to the beach, NOT maintaining a proper distance, though the two couples are probably well-spaced. .

Today was again cold, grey, gloomy. I don't have anything to show you, just snaps of signs of early spring as Mo and I took our afternoon walk. We didn't do any fence peeping, just kept to open public spaces. I didn't see another living creature, not even a squirrel on this rainy day.

emerald green moss, sorry it is sideways:

early, too early hydrangea leaves

Early little weed in bloom. Pretty, dainty.

Buds on the old crabapple trees.

And on the Japanese maples.

Mo escaped his lead and trotted off but the rain kept him from running away too far. He stopped to check out the daylily sprouts.

I am keeping my spirits up. We are isolating. The future is bleak.

Off topic, this is a find from FB marketplace. It says Pick up Only, so not for me. But isn't it adorable and inventive, the tiny rocking chair, sewing chair with the spools on the sides, chair pad pincushion, little drawer for one's thimble and scissors, I imagine. It made me smile.



gone to the beach....

a different spring...