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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

October Blue

Hi guys! And if you're visiting from Lori's blog Humble Quilts, Welcome to the Beach.

I love Fall, I do. I just don't love it in August when "everyone" gets all excited about autumn and back-to-school. The ocean keeps things pretty warm here through November, but this year we seem to be gearing up for a crisp, clear, authentic New England Fall. Huh. Who knew?

market stands say "autumn"

I'll start my Fall decorating this week, to be all autumnal by Columbus Day. (Maybe. Is two months of orange/ brown/ black just too, too much?  Lately I'm so inspired by Autumns blues. Just look at that sky, top photo!).
So far my only gesture has been to switch my weekly flowers to autumn inspired jugs.

This is a very pretty spongeware primitive jug. The yellow glaze always makes me think of corn and squash and harvest time. Without being, well, orange.

And these hydrangeas! Is this not the best, most beautiful blue shade?

I'd love my little cottage to have shutters this color. With a bittersweet red door! Maybe someday, somewhere.

Taken with a different camera---another wonderful blue appears.

Then I dug out this big half-gallon cobalt blue milk jug.

It is also spongeware or spatterware in a dark blue Bennington-type glaze.

It's old but unmarked, just a nice prim farm pitcher.

These are a change from my favorite blue and white Staffordshire pitcher I usually use. It has been retired until baby Mo the pug is not so destructive, as it is rather valuable and I've had it for many, many years.

I harvested my deck sunflowers. I'm drying them to fill a wooden bowl, then I'll hang them out for the birds, if any, this winter. When dried, they fade to a lovely textural taupe and white.

Our growing season here is delayed by the ocean's proximity. Morning glories don't bloom til October.

cobalt, or almost-purple blue

sky blue

Oh but then! Short-lived but ''glory'' suits this wild weedy climber. Another beautiful sky blue shade, these are "Flying Saucer", I think.

Mo and I do love our walks, and seeing the fence flowers bloom. Pugs do not flourish in hot weather, so I had to be careful with baby Mo all summer.
The wild berries and sunflower seed heads will attract migrating birds soon.


Cooler days are making our walks much longer now. We're up to a mile or more at lunchtime. Yay! This is a mossy boulder we see in a neighbor's yard. Doesn't it look like fairies and elves should peep out from the tiny ferns?

See you soon! Remember to leave a note on the Comments thing if you're just dropping by? And I hope you'll come back again.



gone to the beach.............

my front yard, of sorts
palest grey blue sky
ships on the horizon at sunset
"Lying off the roads"
awaiting morning's tide to unload