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Sunday, March 17, 2019

The Spring Flower Show

Hello! Are you ready and waiting for a hint of spring? Come walk with me through the annual spring flower show.

This year was exceptionally beautiful. The theme this year is the Five Senses. On entering the giant display area, we were greeted by this beautiful stained glass giant monarch butterfly. His flowers were white,

then in the surrounding beds the flowers were set out by color [sight] in a circular rainbow or color wheel.

Above was a large mechanical mobile with dozens of life-sized monarch butterflies suspended from its superstructure. The big hoop turned and the butterflies twirled and soared.

The outer circle of flower beds was secondary colors, like pale pink, peach , violet.

Flowering shrubs and trees:

Other senses: sound, a waterfall.

Taste: outdoor rooms surrounded by edible herbs and edible flowers like nasturtiums.

And fruit trees.

Scent was glorious, more herbs, roses, peonies and hedges of fragrant gardenias.

Succulents are still interesting and popular:

herb garden ideas, this was a raised table.

New and beautiful flowering rosemary.

More vignettes. I loved this tropical patio setting:

And this porch in blue and white.

Always lovely orchids and statuary. Buddha here.



More roses: miniature heirloom David Austin ruffly scented roses. Full sized flowers on 12" plants!

Pansies and daffs for your own yard.

Urns with aconites, heather, pussy willow, very elegant.

Garden art.


 I bought some heirloom seeds for my deck garden.

The cafe is supposed to be very good but we totally forgot to check it out, too bad.

I hope you enjoyed your garden tour! Click on any photo for a full screen slideshow, to see all the details.

  Here is a FB link to the show, for more professional pictures w/out people in them. You can really see the color wheel planting, here



gone to the beach....

PS The fifth sense was touch--I was unable to get any pics there because that garden was a huge hit with mommies [wielding lethal strollers] and toddlers who were allowed to--well, touch. 
Smooth fine grass, mosses, grey lambs ear, pussywillow, a marble ball like a basketball fountain [no depth, just smooth water]; some fluffy reeds, papyrus? 
I understand how fun it is for the little ones to have a spot that is accessible to them, but I'd have liked to be able to enjoy this area too. Maybe a toddler garden next year would be fun?