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Saturday, December 8, 2018

Tree Trimmings ~ Diamonds and Ice

Hello and Merry Christmas! As we count down the days and excitement grows, we check each item off our To Do list. [outdoor lights! door wreath!.... politically correct holiday cards!, gifts that must be mailed!/ stamps? / cooky dough! . Gifts and donation for local animal rescue shelter, that's a big one.] 
For me tomorrow will be Christmas Tree day.

I will decorate my tiny tree and wish again, secretly, that we still got a mammoth  real tree from the firehouse. I am celebrating by sharing a new selection of my upcycled  chandelier crystals,  all shiny and bright and carefully wired onto beautiful spiral hooks.

These are from a large box I got at the flea awhile ago. They're in amazing condition and the glass must be of the finest quality as they are so clear and skillfully faceted.

I love the big drops! They're best on artificial trees or strung along your fireplace mantel on ribbons. They're not as heavy was the long prisms I sometimes offer but they have a bit of weight.

The small to medium drops are equally gorgeous but somewhat lighter, so they're nice used on real trees and smaller table trees. I was thrilled when sorting and washing to see what a fine selection I had snapped up one fall morning.

I do like to add a small twist of silvery ribbon sometimes. And I can add the bows for any friends here on my blog. Pls email me to request though as etsy convos attached to orders quite often go lost.

You are welcome to come visit me, just to enjoy my shop! I hope to add a few more pretties before it's too late for Santa's gift bag.

Hope you're having a fun December.

PS I mixed up dates and rushed off to the Christmas market held by the flea market church ladies, earlier today. I found an empty parking lot and locked doors. Puzzled I knocked gently and a lady poked her head out.

"Isn't the Fair today?" I asked.

''No! Tomorrow, 9 AM."

Hmmm. I didn't expect the fair to be on a Sunday morning, but that's okay.  I hope I make it back, plus there's two more fairs on my list. I just love hokey old fashioned Holiday fairs. Do you?



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