I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall Flea Market

The first fall flea markets
are beginning!

Last week's market was small and hurried due to intermittent rain showers, but fun and lots of good finds. I hope this means the dealers spent the summer hunting for new treasures to sell. The busiest flea market time here is during the fall, spring is wet and cold and in the summer everyone goes to the beach.

Fun finds. One man had two huge cartons of red and white transferware, all packed up for leaving.

A few bits and pieces still were out and I rummaged, found some goodies for autumn decorating and then for Christmas.

I didn't realize these creamers were identical til I got home. I am picturing them with big red amaryllis bulbs/ flowers for the holidays...

And I love the bowl despite its chips. It's an older piece [tho not very!], nice patina.

It will be great with berries, leaves, acorns for fall; a couple of my little calico birdies nestled inside,

...then with  pine cones and Christmas motto hearts---[Ho-ho-ho!---in December.

Neat Mason jars...with , yes, incorrect lids I added.

The Lightning brand jar is not one I've ever seen before.

 And while I could not really capture it in the photos, the Atlas Ball jar, right, has wonderful old, odd, wavy glass

Then a few old beachcombed or dug up bottles. The dealer was shoving the crate in his van while I chose, so I didn't get to ask where they came from.

I like to re-purpose these with decorative seashell stoppers and raffia bows, very fun beachy touch for shelves or vanity in your [imaginary?] beach cottage....

Most to sell on etsy but I love the turning-purple one, right, to add to my windowsill experiment group. It's a patent medicone bottle from New Jesrey.

And here are the tiniest ones, with miniature bouquets of flowers. My mother always filled her small antique ink wells with flowers and set them out all around the Cape Cod house. Fun to find in the guestroom or bathroom or kitchen windowsill. She loved making them...

The little brown bottle is from my own beach, one of my free finds. I washed it very well. Wonder what was in it, once upon a time...?

More flea marketing this coming weekend. I'm looking forward to it... Any fun markeyts for you guys? Tell me what you find, okay!?



gone to the beach....