I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, April 5, 2013

This Was Fun!

Hi everyone! Hope the sun finally shined [shone?] at your house too today!

A couple weeks ago, my blog friend/ reader Anne emailed me to say she was attic-cleaning, would I enjoy a box of vintage sundries and doodads. Oh my! I wrote back, yes, treasure, I'd love it.

Time passed, then this mysterious box arrived! Anne even used pretty stamps!

Whatever can it be?

It was so fun to sort everything inside, all items carefully folded, bagged, labelled...

Vintage fabric!

And a sewer's true scrap bag...

Note the neat old paperbag these scraps were in!

Gorgeous lace and ribbons and silk..

Even a vintage Barbie outfit: a satin halter top and skinny black capris! "Cocktails, Ken dear?'' she murmured sexily...

Buttons, of course, and funny shoelaces!

11 cents! Imagine so carefully storing them away for, what 50 or more years?

A spool of real cotton, American thread. 15 cents....

This adorable blue velvet child's party dress...

Tiny sweet cap sleeves, smocked waist [who wore this? who made it so carefully by hand?]...

Maybe my favorite piece: another party dress,

just the yoke.

Pink tulle and French silk rosebuds, tiniest creamy pearl ball buttons.

And nestled carefully in a pale pink silk boudoir chair pillow, two vintage china plates.



I loved everything and spent several enjoyable hours one afternoon, examining each piece, photographing, sorting. I was amazed at how Anne found just what I'd love, and most importantly, what I could really use. Plus in the midst of all her hard work, so sad to have to empty out a loved one's family home...she thought of me! Lizzy, here at the beach, an entire continent away. Cool, isn't it?

MY POV  and style must come out clearly in my blog, hmmm. Anne ''got'' it...the treasure/ recycle/ reuse vibe.

Thank you, Anne!



          gone to the beach.....